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Tueday's Tidbits

Stitching - Pass It On
Besides being my first Christmas with my neice Lindsey, this was also our first time stitching together! I was so happy Christmas Eve night when I first put a needle into the little one's hands. It was a magical experience for me and I have to share it with you, other stitchers, who... [Read More]
Christmas Ornament Tree 2  August 4th, 2010
I'm releasing my second Ornament Tree later this month! The pattern is at the printer right now.   This piece was the result of last year's “Ornament of the Month” classes. The ornaments were all circular in shape and fairly simple - I did have to make the very... [Read More]
Christmas in July
I stitched this needlepoint Nativity scene about ten years ago and it's a classic. At the time I stitched it, these were all the canvases available - Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, Wise Men, Shepherd, and an Angel. Now there are several animals available as well as another angel and shepherd.... [Read More]
Duality  July 7th, 2010
I'm excited to officially annouce "Registration is Open" for the Duality Stitching Retreat Jeanette (my mom) and I are hosting in January 2011. We began with a germ of an idea to design something together (we have extremely different styles!) over a year ago. We both... [Read More]
Wichelt Imports  June 22nd, 2010
If you’re not familiar with the name “Wichelt”, Wichelt Imports is one of the main suppliers to the needlework industry. In addition to owning the rights to Mill Hill, they manufacture a line of fabrics and are the exclusive distributor of Permin of Copenhagen, a Danish... [Read More]
Colorful Stitches for Over-dye Threads  June 8th, 2010
I’ve just received my order of COLORFUL STITCHES FOR OVER-DYE THREADS  ($39) by June McKnight.  This book was introduced earlier this year and is already into its fourth printing. I can’t wait to go home and devour every page of it! Since I more than LOVE overdyed... [Read More]
Colorfastness  May 26th, 2010
You may or may not know that NO thread can be declared completely colorfast. Most solid color, non overdyed (DMC and Anchor) will not bleed when washed. However, red and dark colors are the most prone to bleed. Threads that come in kits are a lower quality than DMC and Anchor and... [Read More]
Unfinished Projects
Do you ever find yourself wondering "Why the he_ _ didn't I finish this project? It crossed my mind when I came across this "scrap of fabric" that actually had stitching on it! [yes, I was looking for something else but that's another... [Read More]
Stitch Faster!  April 6th, 2010
Tips for “Stitching Faster”   I’m frequently asked “How do you stitch so fast?” I always remind them that although I’ve stitched a lot of models in our shop, they’ve been over the last 16-17 YEARS!! If you, like many other stitchers, give your work... [Read More]
Buddy Cases
BUDDY cases are the essential accessory for your little stuff- bring your BUDDY along to tote your personal, crafting, or travel notions so you'll never be without. The BUDDY case has hidden magnetized interior walls to keep your metal items (such as scissors and needles) in place, a removable... [Read More]
The Needle Show
INTRODUCING SOMETHING TOTALLY "NEW" The first show will be November 5th-8th   The Needle Show Retail will be an online needlework show that is open to YOU .. the consumer! This show is somewhat like the Online Needle Show in that the "pages" or... [Read More]
I was asked by Kathy how the design came to being and here is my story!   Over the summer I found myself on a 12 hour car ride with my 10 year old niece. To entertain ourselves we had fun with all sort of the usual word games. Eventually we started challenging ourselves with... [Read More]
Retreat Boutique
Every year at the Retreat we set up a Boutique full of items we don't normally carry in the shop as well as some of our newer items. We also feature some items based on the theme of our Retreat. This year our theme was "Fabric" - our two projects were on on felt and banding, I did a... [Read More]
Christmas Ornament Tree  July 28th, 2009
Originally, this piece was taught as an “Ornament of the Month” class at my shop, Needle Delights. At the time I started designing small ornament patterns, I never dreamed that I’d eventually be a “publishing designer” or that anyone outside my own shop would ever... [Read More]
Color Delights
By now, you probably know that I LOVE COLOR. I think it's probably one of my favorite things about designing and stitching - I get to play and experiment with all kinds of color. COLOR is something a lot of people seem to be afraid of. According to Websters, COLOR is a... [Read More]
A Visit from Barb & Alma  June 9th, 2009
Tonia & I had a delightful surprise this morning when Barb Adams and Alma Allen came walking into the shop - they're having a "working vacation" over in Gulf Shores this week and came over to see our shop! We were excited to see them here on our... [Read More]
Stitch Count
Do you ever wonder how we figure out how large to cut your fabric? Many of you already know and if so, skip down to where I tell you about the cool Clear View Thread/Stitch Counters. Otherwise, continue on...   Once you've selected a pattern to stitch, choose the fabric and... [Read More]
Magnetic Line Counter
Never lose your place on a chart again!... [Read More]
New from Puffin & Co
Needle Nanny & Puffin Perch... [Read More]
Marking Pins
Marking Pins Marking pins are great for marking your place on the fabric, pinning up the excess fabric, or to count over to your next stitches. These come in an assortment of colors and styles. The glitz of the Swarovski pins can't be beat! If you need a quick gift for your secret stitcher,... [Read More]
The Online Show  April 14th, 2009
Shop in your jammies or at work!... [Read More]
Watercolours  April 7th, 2009
 Watercolours® is one of my favorite threads and I love to use a lot of them together in one design. When I first began stitching with it, a pattern would usually call for just one Watercolour and lots of solids to go with and around it. However, I’ve become accustomed to using more than... [Read More]
Needle & ThrREAD: Stitching for Literacy  March 10th, 2009
Saturday, Mar 14th, 10am, 12 noon, 2pm (register for one session)... [Read More]
Puffin Craft Strand Separator  March 3rd, 2009
Finally there is an answer to the frustration of tangles and knots while you separate your embroidery floss and yarns!... [Read More]
Heirloom or Not?  February 3rd, 2009
 This question was sent to us from a stitcher –  What is the best way to store our stitched needlework pieces until we decide whether to frame the work or make something out of them? The answer to this question depends on whether the stitched piece is considered an “heirloom” or not.... [Read More]
Organizing your Threads  January 27th, 2009
Have you ever wondered how Needle Delights organizes our threads?  When we want to stitch a shop model or Kathy is working on one of her new designs, where do we get the thread?  “Off the wall or out of the drawers, Right?”  Wrong J  The shop has its own stash of threads and we... [Read More]
A Sampler Enthusiast's Book of Days  January 20th, 2009
What a wonderful way to keep up with your days of stitching!  Rebecka and I discovered this little journal at the Retreat Boutique and knew we just had to have it.  All during December we spoke with excitement about being able to journal about what we were stitching on and... [Read More]
Project Bags  December 9th, 2008
Seeyourstuff Clear Storage Bags are new to our shop. These clear project bags are great storage bags for keeping stitching, sewing, quilting, scrapbooking & needlework projects organized & easy to see. They are made from clear 20 gauge vinyl accented with 600 denier poly tough duck... [Read More]
Floss Storage Tote  October 28th, 2008
A lot of you may remember the perfect red & white check boxes we used to have to store our floss bags. My personal ones are so old, used, abused, and full of tape! I hated it when then they were discontinued but YAHOO -- they're back!!! This handy white storage tote is the perfect place to... [Read More]
Mighty Bright Stitching Light  October 15th, 2008
At the retreat this weekend, I personally discovered the joy of the Mighty Bright Stitching Light. I had a moment to stitch and to my dismay discovered that I was not able to see my canvas very well. At home I stitch with an Ott light over my shoulder and I had not brought it with me since I'm... [Read More]
A Needle!  June 26th, 2008
The worst thing ever is to get somewhere with all your stitching and find yourself without a needle.... [Read More]

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