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A Visit from Barb & Alma

Blackbird Designs

Posted: June 9th, 2009 @ 10:53pm

Alma, Tonia, Kathy, Barb

Alma, Tonia, Kathy, Barb
Tonia & I had a delightful surprise this morning when Barb Adams and Alma Allen came walking into the shop - they're having a "working vacation" over in Gulf Shores this week and came over to see our shop! We were excited to see them here on our "turf" instead of at the usual trade show. They oohed and aahed over the shop which was flattering to us and lamented the fact they don't get live close to a cross stitch shop. Sounds familiar to some of you, right?!
We had a wonderful time visiting and just like any other customers, they left with some new stash! Barb bought some linen and threads to use on a future project and Alma matched up some thread to use on some embroidery she had in a baggie with her!
They took lots of pictures and will show a few on their own blog soon - the address is http://blackbird-designs.blogspot.com/ Bookmark it and visit often if you're a fan of their designs. I just discovered it myself a few weeks ago and it's always fun to read about what they are up to. There's also a blog that is for people who are stitching Blackbird Designs. It is really fun to see what different things people do and how they finish things off - check it out at http://blackbirddesigns.blogspot.com/. Of course, you could always see a lot of people stitching a variety of Blackbird patterns at our regular Tuesday night group!
Many of you know they are one of my favorite designers and I was thrilled to have them here! I hope we'll be able to have them here sometime for an event where you can all have a chance to visit with them. They're down to earth and just plain fun!

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