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Colorful Stitches for Over-dye Threads

Posted: June 8th, 2010 @ 11:35pm

I’ve just received my order of COLORFUL STITCHES FOR OVER-DYE THREADS  ($39) by June McKnight.  This book was introduced earlier this year and is already into its fourth printing. I can’t wait to go home and devour every page of it! Since I more than LOVE overdyed threads, I can’t wait to really read and study this book. I imagine it will provide great inspiration for future stitching and probably some great design inspiration!
The first 40 pages are the “story” of overdyed threads. Did you know most over-dye fibers are green and sustainable? And, nearly all are produced by small American companies. This makes me really happy I use them so much!
The next 100 pages are stitch diagrams and color pictures of stitched examples – she even tells you the threads and colors she used for the examples!
It is a great little “Flip-Style” book you can have flat in front of you or standing up to follow the stitches.  You can see all of her books on her (extremely informative) website at www.junemcknight.com/books.html. If you’d like to order anything, please let me know.
I will have the opportunity to meet June this weekend at the TNNA tradeshow in Columbus, Ohio. I am looking forward to it with great anticipation and imagine I’ll be ordering a lot more of her books for my personal stitching library! With today's order, I also received "Needlepoint Borders" ($25) and "The Bargello Book" ($52) - I will take them home to peruse tonight as well! The Bargello Book also has lots of color pages - I flipped quickly!

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