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A Stitching Retreat

Posted: July 7th, 2010 @ 8:45pm

Jeanette's version of 'Duality'

Jeanette's version of "Duality"
I'm excited to officially annouce "Registration is Open" for the Duality Stitching Retreat Jeanette (my mom) and I are hosting in January 2011. We began with a germ of an idea to design something together (we have extremely different styles!) over a year ago. We both drew up a few ideas and then got together with threads and batik fabrics (yes, batik quilting fabric!) and began the journey of creating the Duality design. It's some of her and some of me and we're both very happy with the way it turned out.
Once we started stitching the piece (we chose different color options and I'm still working on mine!), we talked about whether we should publish this piece or offer it as a class. Jeanette has a great love of teaching and I have a great love of putting retreats together. Our Needle Fair at Camp Beckwith in the fall is a little rustic (it's at an Episcopal Church Camp) and I'd talked about wanting to have a retreat at the Beach with a little (well, a LOT) more upscale lodging. So the "Duality Stitching Retreat" was created to offer this special project.
Stitched on 18ct canvas with Watercolours, silks, a little Neon Rays, metallics, and cotton, it's fun to stitch. There are a lot of different stitches and you'll learn to attach batik fabric to the canvas. A lot of different Color Option kits will be available at the class and you will have a large variety to choose from. Because of the batik fabrics and the manipulation of the Watercolours thread, each piece will look different when stitched. This is part of the fun of the class!
We hope you will join us in January next year to take this unique class and experience the pleasure of a winter vacation in sunny Florida. We can 99% guarantee - NO SNOW! Although the oil spill is big national news right now, we don't know what January will be like. The hotel is on the Gulf but we do not anticipate any negative impact on this event. If you have any concerns about signing up because of the oil spill, please let us know.
To read more about the Retreat, click RetreatInfo or to download the Registration Form, click RegistrationForm

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