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A Sampler Enthusiast's Book of Days

A Sourcebook & Agenda for the Thoughtful & Enlightened Mind - An undated journal.

Posted: January 20th, 2009 @ 9:29pm

Sampler Enthusiast's Journal $20

Sampler Enthusiast's Journal $20
What a wonderful way to keep up with your days of stitching!  Rebecka and I discovered this little journal at the Retreat Boutique and knew we just had to have it.  All during December we spoke with excitement about being able to journal about what we were stitching on and writing it in our little book. Then the day came, December 31st, our first entries.  I love the way the days are only three lines long so that I can't get too wordy.  They're just long enough to put down what happened that day. Our goal is to write everyday about what we are stitching on (or not stitching on because we are doing other things).  Rebecka is using the journal to plan out when she wants to have certain projects done and to have a history of why she wasn't able to stitch. :) I'm just wanting to have a history of what I was able to accomplish this year.  I think my favorite part of the journal is turning the page to the next week and getting to see the stitches, quotes from years gone by, pictures of young girls working on their samplers, and going back to a simpler time. Every night before I go to bed I sit down and grab my journal and reflect on my day and say, did I get any stitching done today?  Years from now I'll look back at this journal and say, YES, I did get to stitch today. 

Keep stitching, it'll do the mind good.  Have a great week! Hope to see you soon. Tonia

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