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Organizing your Threads

Tips from Tonia

Posted: January 27th, 2009 @ 10:19pm

Tonia w/her new Floss Tote and Threads

Tonia w/her new Floss Tote and Threads

Have you ever wondered how Needle Delights organizes our threads?  When we want to stitch a shop model or Kathy is working on one of her new designs, where do we get the thread?  Off the wall or out of the drawers, Right?  Wrong J


The shop has its own stash of threads and we use bags, rings, and boxes. 


Floss Away bags in my opinion were the best invention every made for stitchers. When I found these little gems, I knew I had found an organizers dream. (And for those of you who dont know me that well, I love to organize thingsJ) When I buy a new skein of thread and take it home, I pull out my stash of Floss Away bags.  I write the type of thread and the color on the bag and then shove the skein right down in the bag.  Im done. Now the skein is ready for a project. 


This is where the rings come in.  For each project I have a ring that will hold all the floss bags.  I have various sized rings because of course not every project has the same number of thread.  I reserve the biggest rings for my inventory threads.


Speaking of inventory (ie Stash), this is where the boxes come in. When I have too many threads to fit on a large ring (like the picture!), I move to the Floss Totes.  Floss Totes can hold all your floss bags when your rings just wont hold any more.


We do the same thing at Needle Delights.  Every time Kathy asks me to pull threads for her, I go to our closet, pull out our floss totes (we have four of them but Im going to put the overdyed threads in one to get rid of the largest rings of thread) or rings of thread and start pulling.  Its a fantastic system and keeps our threads orderly.  Without order I do believe I would go mad J 


For Tuesday Tidbits this is Tonia saying Keep on Stitching J 

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