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Needle & ThrREAD: Stitching for Literacy

Bookmark Challenge 2009

Posted: March 10th, 2009 @ 10:36pm

Pattern from Funk N Weber

Pattern from Funk N Weber
Bookmark Challenge Kickoff Stitch-In 
As a child, I was a constant, voracious reader. I would read anything I could get my hands on, made regular trips to the library, and never went anywhere without a book. I can’t get in trouble anymore so I can tell you that I often had a paperback book inside my school books and read during classes (luckily, I was a good student and could get away with it). I also can remember reading after lights out with a flashlight. Anyway, I digress…suffice it to say that I loved to read and besides stitching, there is nothing better.

We’re having a stitch-in this Saturday (Mar 14th) to kick off this year’s Bookmark Challenge. This is the third year for the Bookmark Challenge and we are again participating. I LOVED this idea the first time I heard about it from the founder of the project (Jen Funk-Weber) at market a couple of years ago. She lives in Alaska and is one of the most interesting people I know in our world of needlework. To give you a little background about the challenge, Jen writes, “As a children’s author and needlework designer, I want to promote both reading and stitching. What better way than to design and stitch bookmarks? Reading and stitching make the world a better place. We hope you will join us on our new adventure.”

So I hope that you will stitch a bookmark or two to donate. To encourage and motivate you to participate, we are doing several things. You can read all about the bookmark challenge in the newsletter that went out yesterday (email me if you need it sent to you again). What I didn’t mention there is that we will display the bookmarks in the shop and after the challenge, will hold a drawing and the winner will receive a $50 gift certificate to Needle Delights. Every time you turn in a bookmark you will be entered in a drawing so the more bookmarks you turn in, the more times your name is entered and the better your chances to win.

Children’s Book Week is May 11-17 this year. It is an annual event that began in 1919. In 1944, the Children's Book Council was established, and it has administered the celebration ever since. During Children’s Book Week, public libraries, school libraries, and bookstores generally have special activities for children that are designed to encourage a love of books. According to the Children’s Book Council, “A celebration of the written word, Children's Book Week introduces young people to new authors and ideas in schools, libraries, homes and bookstores. Through Children's Book Week, the Children's Book Council encourages young people and their caregivers to discover the complexity of the world beyond their own experience through books. “

I personally am happy to participate and hope you will be too.

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