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Sent: November 18, 2005

Hi Stitchers -

It's time for my end of the week musings. This week has felt long but I'm happy with the change in temperatures here. It's nice to wear shoes and socks (shoes that don't show the toes...) and pants that reach the floor! The cool air is also great for cooking in the crockpot and allowing more time to stitch!

We've received a few new things in the shop this week. Today we received new kits from Bent Creek and the free border pattern for the Walking in a Winter Snapperland. It has swirling snowflakes around the sides and top and across the bottom it says "One kind word can warm three winter months". It's really cute and I see more "snappy stitching" in my future! I think I'll change mine though, to say "the winter months" instead of three because we don't usually have three winter months! We sold out of the first pattern, Chalet, that is the first design inside the border but will get more in next week. If you want to see what it looks like, visit http://www.bentcreek.com

We've received the first Bi-Monthly Windowpane from Mill Hill. You can see a photo of it on the Monthly Clubs page of the Photo Gallery at our website. I ordered an extra kit so if you still want to sign up for this club, let me know. First come, first serve. I can order more though. This series is done on 10ct fabric so it's great for tired eyes or those who want quick projects.

Do you know there are 36 days until Christmas? Are you stitching gifts? Do you want Christmas presents that come from Needle Delights? If you'd like to send us your WishList and your significant other's email address, we can drop a hint for you! You can also come in and fill out a card with your desires and we can help anyone who comes into shop for you - a registry, if you wish. As always, we offer gift certificates in any denomination and we can sell them over the phone to your family and friends wherever they are - I know some men don't especially love coming into the shop but they will make a telephone call. The smart ones already do! Also, don't forget the Dazor Lamp sale this month - 20% off all the magnifier lamps until the end of November.

In my next email, I'll give you my top 10 list for getting things stitched for those last minute gifts. I've typed it three times now and lost it when my server went down and I give up. It also gives me a chance to invite you to offer suggestions! So for FUN this weekend, send me your top Idea for stitching a quick gift!

I've just added another Finished Tree to the website. Someone brought it in completely finished (yippee!!) and it will give you another idea of how to quickly finish one with no sewing!

Speaking of Hurricane Katrina relief efforts, I just read today that all of Lizzie Kate's profits from their new Snippet chart "Home is Where Our Story Begins" will be donated to Hurricane Katrina relief. It's a cute little scene of a house sitting above the water and says, of course, Home is where our story begins. We've got it here in the shop or you can see it in our online catalog.

As always, be sure to pick up a Needle at some Point this weekend. It relieves stress, I promise!


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