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Happy Thanksgiving

Sent: November 23, 2005

Hi Stitchers -

We will be OPEN on Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving - I'll open early on Friday at 9am and will close at 5. Saturday we will have normal hours from 9-4. Come see what's new and what's happening at Needle Delights!

One of my favorite new series is Mother's Wisdom from Heart in Hand. These quick to stitch little darlings are all the things our mothers use to tell us while we were growing up and what we are now telling our children or grandchildren, whatever the case may be. So far we have: Be Nice, Sleep Tight, Say Your Prayers, Eat Right, Drive Safe, and Be Warm. The patterns are $3 ea and you can see them at http://www.heartinhand.com/series_tn_12.html
I'm thinking about stitching them and then making a quilt or wall hanging - it'd be great to send off to college with my nephew next year! Heart in Hand will continue to release them as long as she still has ideas. If you want to suggest anything, you can send me your ideas and I'll pass them on. I've already told her I want "Brush Your Teeth" and "Floss"!

Do you know there are 31 days til Christmas??! Stop groaning and keep stitching. If you want to stitch a quick gift for Christmas, here are my top 10 ideas to assist you in selecting and actually finishing a project (or two or three!).

10. Pick something small.
9. Pick something with lots of blank spaces.
8. Pick something with less than 10 colors!
7. Pick something with backstitched words - they go quick!
6. If there's a border, just don't do it! You can also just stitch part of a pattern (I promise the stitching police won't get you!).
5. Use overdyed threads - it looks like you worked harder.
4. Use a larger count fabric like 10ct Tula or 7ct Klostern - it makes your design bigger and nonstitchers will think you did more work (they don't understand that a teeny sampler on 40ct silk gauze takes a lot longer than something on the giant fabric!).
3. Use a metallic thread (just a little) - it sparkles and impresses.
2. Stitch on your lunch hour or anytime you can get away with it at work. If you don't work outside your home, give up housework and just stitch! Cook in the crockpot - it'll give you more time to stitch.
1. Come to the All Night Stitch December 3rd - uninterrupted stitching time and lots more great ideas from other stitchers!
If all else fails, wrap the unfinished piece for the recipient and then have them give it back to you to finish!

Don't forget - we have lots of goodies for stocking stuffers, beautiful scissors, Dazor lamps (on sale through next Wednesday), and Gift Certificates. Be sure to get your stitching friends something fun!

At this time of year I am most grateful to have our shop open again, to be living in my own home again, and to have all my family healthy and together this weekend to enjoy a Thanksgiving feast and fellowship. I am also grateful that I have all of you as my Needle Delights family - I am truly blessed to be loving my business and following my dreams. I hope that you will enjoy the Thanksgiving Holiday with your family and have gratitude in your hearts.


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