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More Pray Trees & More News

Sent: November 26, 2005

Hi Stitchers Ė

Hope you are having a Happy Holiday Weekend! Iím cooking Thanksgiving for my family tomorrow. Mom and Dad arrived today and my brotherís family is coming in tomorrow. The most fun will be watching the kittens meet my brotherís puppy!

Weíre still receiving Pray Trees and some of them have already been finished! Iíve put photos up on the website.
Jeanette will be working hard next week to make the rest of them into finished ornaments. Next Saturday will be your last opportunity to see them before they are sent off. Donít forget Ė weíre having an All Night Stitch next Saturday, Dec 3rd. See the calendar on the website for more details.

If youíre interested in joining our Ornament of the Month Club for 2006, you are welcome to come to a Christmas Party for the 2005 members on December 17th at 9:30. Please bring a Holiday finger food. We are showing the ornaments weíve made this year and I will introduce next yearís designs at this time. Iíve also got a fun idea if you want to stitch all the ornaments together as one piece instead of doing individual ornaments. Come to the party if you want to be in on the fun next year. You can join by mail as well. The photos of the ornaments on the website are the designs that weíve completed at the shop classes this year. Iíll post next yearís ornaments for the shop classes after the Party (maybe one or two a little sooner). You can be a member of the Ornament Club via mail Ė $12/month for the kit plus $1.50 S&H. Email me if you have any questions or would like to sign up.

I just received an email with a sneak peek of a fun new series from Calico Crossroads (the designer that does the black cats in the Kats by Kelly series). They are introduing a new series of designs from Kats by Kellyô adapted by Linda Connors. These designs show the mischievious kat in monthly vignettes and are really cute! Hereís a link to their webpage if you want to see photos of January & December. If you want to reserve them, send me an email and Iíll put them aside for you next week when they come in. We can also mail them to you. Patterns are $4 ea plus $1 S&H.

Iím off to the house to make pumpkin pies! I hope Iíll get a chance to pick up a needle at some point!

Remember, a stitch in time saves the mind!


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