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Holiday Hours & Online Sale Info

Sent: December 19, 2005

Hi Stitchers -
If you read the entire News That Counts email, this is just a repeat of the bottom so you can delete it. I thought people would more likely open one with the subject line of SALE!! If you're interested in the sale, please read this entire email.

Holiday Hours
We’re open this week the usual hours and we will have our usual Tuesday night stitching tomorrow. We will be closed on Saturday, Dec 24th and will reopen on Friday, Dec 30th. We will also be open on Saturday, Dec 31st from 9-2. We’ll be finishing up our inventory that afternoon and if you’re interested in helping out and coming to a pizza party, let me know. Plans are sketchy at this point but I’m sure I’ll be here til 5 or 6 that day counting stuff – unfortunately, not stitches… Even though we’re normally closed on Mondays, we will be OPEN on Monday, Jan 2nd for Monday Madness - some kind of crazy madness will be taking place - sales, of course, but I haven’t decided what they’ll be yet. Stay tuned.

Even though we’ll be closed for a week, don’t despair – you will still be able to shop. I’m offering a once in a lifetime, well, maybe once in a year, opportunity for you to shop through our Merchant Mall and take a discount on everything you order. This offer is good from now until noon on Thursday, December 29th. Order 1 pattern and get 10% off, order 2-3 patterns and get 15% off, 3-4 20% off and 5 or more 25% off. All Punchneedle patterns, Crescent Color overdyed threads, Trail Creek Farm pillows and kits, and all other accessories available on the Merchant Mall (needle magnets, scissors, etc) will be 20% off. When you order, the discount will not be reflected but will be applied before we total you out. If you’d like us to email you with the total, just email me. Even if you order online, you can pick up the order at the shop – there’s a box to click at the bottom when you submit your order. This site is secure and you can safely enter your personal information but if you’d prefer to order by email, just send it with the subject “Online Sale”. Please include the item numbers and titles.

All orders must be paid by December 31st. Even if you will be picking up your order at the shop after Dec 31st, your credit card will be processed on December 31st. If your order is to be shipped to you, most likely it will be sent priority mail and you will be charged $4-5 depending on the number of items you purchase. If you only order one or two patterns, your order will probably be sent 1st class mail and you will be charged less postage than what shows up on the order form (we routinely do this). Orders should be available for pickup starting late Friday afternoon Dec 30th and all mail orders will be sent out on Saturday, Dec 31st (Postage goes up January 1st). Although Dazor lamps can be ordered through the Merchant Mall, they are NOT available through the sale. If you have any questions, email me kathy@needledelights.com

Happy Holidays –

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