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Happy New Year!

Sent: January 5, 2006

Happy New Year, Stitchers!

I hope you started off the New Year with a needle in hand! I got my share of stitching in on New Years Eve and finished up my Lizzie Kate 2005 Flip-It bellpull just in time to start stitching the Flip-It Blessings of Christmas ornaments for 2006. These are just darling little quick to stitch (only 2 inches square) patterns that we will be stitching this year. If you want them, you can still get them. We sold out of our first order but more are on the way. To see them, visit www.lizziekate.com. Let me know if you want them. We'll offer a class (make it/take it session) to finish off the first three in March or April (that way, you have plenty of time to stitch them before class!). Hand dyed wool packs will be available for them and they will be easy to make into ornaments with no sewing (just my speed!).

If you'd rather do needlepoint ornaments, you still have time to sign up for the 2006 Ornament Club. See the ornaments I designed at
You can also sign up to do the 2005 Needlepoint Ornaments that we did in classes last year

The shop has been so busy (thank you!) already this year, I haven't had a chance to write to you from there to tell you about all the new stuff that is arriving - suffice to say, it never seems to stop coming in. I will try to get you an update on my normal Fri afternoon. I will be going to the Nashville tradeshow/market in early February and I know a lot of designers are very busy working hard to bring lots of new stuff there. I'll be letting you know what I know so you can reserve your favorites. I already know of a few new projects that will be coming home in my stitching basket! In fact, I think I'll take an empty basket just for my new treasures - you know, those designs that I CAN'T WAIT TO START!! It's really too bad that I have to sleep...

I did want to tell you what projects our staff will be working on this month. You all voted and these are your choices:

Jinger - Holiday Express (the train for her husband!)

Kay - Skeleton Crew (the ghost ship from Cricket)

Terry - Bunny Battle (from Arelate, Terry changed the fabric to 18 ct linen and is stitching it with pearl cotton over two threads to make it a LARGE masterpiece!)

Kathy (me) - Maiden of the Seasons from Mirabilia (I put a few stitches in it tonight!)

We did draw our Keytag Winner for December and for the life of me, I can't remember who it is right now (I'm writing from home and it's late!). I'll call her tomorrow!

Keep stitching...

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