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News that Counts (easier to read!)

Sent: January 24, 2006

Hi Stitchers -

I didn't write the email last night without paragraphs - not sure what happened. Sorry.... :(  I've edited it and included it below so that it is easier to read. If I'd received it the way it came, I wouldn't have bothered reading it! If you did read it, you can just delete this email.
Here's the email...
Hi Stitchers –
We will have Open Stitching Night at the shop tomorrow night (Tues, Jan 24th) from 5-8:30pm. Since there are five Tuesdays this month, we're getting an extra stitching night. Everyone is welcome - just bring your project or buy a new one! Also, mark your calendar for the next All Night Stitch - Feb 25th!
Class Alert! I have several people who want to learn Russian Punch Needle and will be scheduling a class in the next few weeks. If you've wanted to learn, call or email me to join the class - I'll set the date based on the schedules of the people who want to come!
Now on to the News That Counts! Just a few notes - I'm beginning to get lots of emails/notices about new things we'll be seeing at Nashville and that are being released shortly. If you surf the net and see anything that you know you MUST have, please email us and we'll be sure to bring it home for you! Jinger will be going with me to the Nashville market and we would love to be your "personal shoppers"!
We've received more new stuff since the last email I sent. Great canvaswork patterns from Laura Perin and Carolyn Mitchell (designer of Perspective Dreams). I can't remember names - I'm writing from home but if you like their other designs, you'll like the new ones too! Our Just Nan automatic arrived too - some cute stuff!
Coming Soon: For now, here are a few things that have come through my mailbox:
The next two Monthly cat patterns from Calico Crossroads are: Fat Cat Tuesday (wearing a mask for Mardi Gras!). See the photos at http://www.nordencrafts.com/CHARTS/CCR/ccr0111.jpg Shamrock Kitty http://www.nordencrafts.com/CHARTS/CCR/ccr0112.jpg
Here's a link to a photo of Be Warm – Shepherds Bush. This looks like it will be a fun series and you can sign up to get all of them through the year. See details in our Photo Gallery section of Monthly Clubs at www.needledelights.com See the photo of the design at: http://www.nordencrafts.com/CHARTS/SBP/sbp0144.jpg
I've been stitching on my Monthly Stitcher's Surprise Series and just have a few more months to go to completely finish it. I’ve updated the photo on the website. http://www.needledelights.com/index.php/photos/5.html
You can sign up to start this series anytime for $20/mo and start with whatever month you would like. If you're stitching these and want to finish quicker, you can also get more than one kit per month - just let us know what you'd like. The kits for Feb 1st will be ready early and can be picked up anytime starting tomorrow (Tuesday).
Since I was adding a photo to the website, of course I put a few photos of the kittens for all of you who enjoy them! http://www.needledelights.com/index.php/photos/10.html
Needlework Fabric Storage Boxes – These have been around for awhile but are worth mentioning again. They are made of protective acid-free fiberboard and allow fabrics to “breathe”. They provide safe storage for your precious needlework, hand-dyed linens and other evenweave fabrics. They also prevent moisture build-up. Each box includes 24 sheets of acid-free tissue paper (20”x30”). The boxes come in two sizes – 6” x 18” x 30” ($35.00) and Small 5” x 15” x 18” ($15.00). We will be placing an order for these boxes soon – let us know if you’d like to be included. They are great for storing those pieces of finished work that you're waiting to have framed.
Mirabilia will be releasing a new design, The Stargazer later this week. Although I've figured out how to put different fonts and colors in your emails now (don't have my directions at home though!), I've yet to figure out how to send a photo. If you'd like to see the photo, send me an email and I'll forward the photo to you tomorrow. This one may get added to my "must stitch" collection as I love stars! I'm including their description below. If you'd like to reserve one, let us know. Also, let us know if you'd like fabric and/or beads and treasures (also listed below).
"White glowing stars reflect over a gown of satin ribbons and brocade. The dress is stitched in soft greys and dusty blues and covered in swirling starry beads. As the lady watches the sky filled with luminous diamonds she wishes upon them all. Dreams placed on a star really can come true." Stitched on 28 count Country French Cappuccino Linen. Stitched area is 13 3/4" x 19 3/4" with a stitch count of 190 x 275. Stitched (2 over 2).  Ship Date is January 27th, 2006.
Mill Hill Beads and Treasures:
03016 (3 packs)
42027 (2 packs)
Suggest Retail Price is $12.00
That's all for tonight - I'm going to go pick up my needle!

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