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Keytag Winner & More!

Sent: February 2, 2006

Hi Stitchers -

Please help me congratulate Rebecka Walther for being the January keytag winner - she wins the autographed patterns from our Trunk Show designer, Brittercup Designs. We'll be taking the trunk of models to Nashville with us so if you haven't been in to see them, Saturday will be the last day. We're packing the trunk early so that it will be ready to go on the 10th of February - I will only be gone from the shop on Friday and Saturday, the 10th and 11th but the shop WILL BE OPEN on those days though. Terry and Kay will be here - please come see them!

February's Keytag Drawing will be for "Nashville Goodies" - not sure what we'll find but I'm sure this will be a great month to win the prize! On a fun note, I've ordered new keytags since the first year's supply are almost depleted. When they come in, we will sell them for a limited time at the Grand Opening special price of six for $5.00. If you order through the mail with us, we will be happy to keep them on file for you. If you have questions about our keytag program, read the answer to the question about "Bonus Delights". This has been so popular that we've sold almost 1000 keytags in less than a year!


The New Book Listings for February have been posted to the website -click on"What's New" at http://merchant.hoffmandis.com/4016/index.cfm?CFID=1533734&CFTOKEN=68549656

Yesterday's UPS brought us new Stitch N Zip needlepoint kits - new designs for Eyeglass/Cell Phone Cases, Scissor Holders, and Coin Purses. My favorite is called A Day at the Beach! Others include Apples, Happy Hearts, Garden Patchwork, Stars, Goldfinch, Teddy Bear, Magnolias, Girl Things, and a Grey Tabby Cat. Our rack is full - come take a look.

Wenow haveMirabilia's new pattern "The Stargazer" in the shop. I wasn't sure atfirst about the color of the fabric but we got it in,laid all the threads and beadson it and I thinkthey go together beautifully.The first person who saw it bought it complete! You can see the photo of her now in the new book listings at the link in the above paragraph.

I'm getting lots of emails and notices from designers about things to see in Nashville - I'll shareone with you and keep a few to myself to surprise you with when we get back! I can't wait to see the new "book sampler" pattern from Valentine - here's a quote from her "Yes it's true... Literal Whimsy 2 is finally here and it's Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility. This time I've delved deep into the mind of Elinor Dashwood, the fascinating sensible sister who has so many secrets under that placid exterior. I've had great fun with this one and I think your customers will too. They've been emailing me all year asking what the next one will be, and I've kept it a secret until now!"If you knowyou want it, let me know and I'll be sure to bring one home for you.Her first Literal Whimsy, Little Women, was wonderful and I'm excited to see this one, although I was personally hoping for Pride and Prejudice after recently seeing the movie. Maybe the next one... She also has a cute pattern called "A Women's Work" and you can see the photo at http://www.valentines.net/retailinfo/womansworkfinalsmall.jpg

Terry's latest favorite designer, Blue Ribbon Designs, sent us a link to their "Coming Soon" patterns - she has some really pretty stuff coming in future months as well as a couple of new patterns in the "What's New" section. This designer won't be at Nashville but we do have a lot of her patterns in the shop now. http://www.blueribbondesigns.com/blue_ribbon_coming_soon.htm

I put the bellpull hardware on my FlipIt bellpull and put the photo up on the website. The patterns are all still available and if youd like to stitch this, just let us know. You can purchase the patterns one at a time or as a set. See the photo (scroll down to FlipIt Bellpull) http://www.needledelights.com/index.php/photos/9.html

Don't forget the Superbowl Sunday Stitchin and Saleon the 5th from 11-3 - see you then!!


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