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Sent: February 7, 2006

Hi Stitchers -

We have done a little early spring cleaning in the shop and have marked down a number of patterns, kits, and buttons. We're making room for all the goodies we'll bring home from Nashville next week!! The front display table is full of baskets of bargains for you to peruse this week. There are two large baskets of patterns marked down to $1.00 and a big basket of scrap fabrics -great pieces for ornaments or bookmarks.

We'll have our regular Tuesday night stitching tomorrow night and the shop will remain open until 8pm if you want to come and shop!

You still have a few days to let me know if you want us to bring anything specific home for you - just send me an email. I've told you about some things but can't wait to see what surprises the designers have for us in Nashville. I'll be sure to send out a LONG email when I return!

Come see us this week, buy some bargains and help fund our trip to market!!


Tomorrow we'll be getting new patterns in from the February New Book Listings.

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