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Back from Nasvhille

Sent: February 14, 2006

Hi Stitchers -

I'm writing from the library as my computer is still "sick". I'm hoping to get everything back to working order in the next day or so and will answer all your emails/questions as soon as that happens. If you want to order something, just call us at the shop - the number is 850-478-8898 or 888-633-3530 for out of town people.

Jinger and I bought loads of wonderful patterns, fabrics, kits, and more! Plan a trip to Needle Delights soon to see it all - some of it will go quick, I know!

You can see new patterns through the Merchant Mall link on our homepage. There's a lot to share with you but I have to leave here and go back to the shop for class this morning! I promise to send a newsy update when I can - you definitely have something to look forward to!

Talk to you soon - hope you're stitching more than me the last few days!!


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