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Sent: March 2, 2006

Hi Stitchers -

The new book listings are up on Hoffman's site. They aren't linked to our site yet but you can view them at http://www.hoffmandis.com/newbooklistings/Mar06.cfm. We already have a lot of these patterns in the shop but there are some new titles from Prairie Schooler and Shepherds Bush that I just ordered! Take a look and let me know if you'd like me to hold anything for you or send it to you.

We're expecting our Fabric of the Month shipment any day now (they're running a little behind this month because of Nashville) so if you're getting that series sent to you and want us to add anything to your mailing, we will be happy to include it.

Last week we finished pricing everything we brought home from Nashville and I know there are some great things that I forgot to tell you about in my review - I'll try to do another newsletter today or tomorrow and put some photos up on the website - my computer is finally, completely back to normal and I'm loving my new DSL! Can't believe I held out so long on switching over.

I'll talk to you again soon -

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