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Sent: March 31, 2006

Hi Stitchers -
It seems likea long time since I've been in touch! My mother has been in town this week and I've had some kind of sinus infection/allergy/whatever that has dragged on all week and left me hoarse and almost unable to talk. I had to postpone last nights PunchNeedle class to next Thursday so if you missed this one and want to sign up for next Thursday night at 6:30, let me know.
The Stitcher's Surprise Series is completely stitched and finished into a pillow now - I've added the photo to the website and you can see it at: (scroll down to the bottom of the page)
It's Raining Cats & Dogs at Needle Delights in April (that's the April Fool's joke on us - no rain!). If you have a stitched piece that relates to cats or dogs that you're willing to let us display, bring it in and we'll put it right up front!

I'm also sending you this email to tell you "April Fools" is tomorrow and we'll have a fun day at Needle Delights to celebrate! Don't be foolish and miss out! We have our new keytags and you can get 6 for $5 for another week. Although the April New Book Listing isn't available online yet, we already have the new patterns in the shop (this is really true and NOT an April Fool's joke, I promise!). I'll listthem out so you canseeif there's something new that you must have! Here are the highlights of what has just come in:
Drawn Thread - 2 new patterns - English Garden Pocket and The Wayward Garden (the verse says "I have a garden of my own, but so with roses overgrown, and lilies that you would it guess, to be a little wilderness. Andrew Marvell"
Little House - The Counting House
Country Cottage Needleworks - The Tea Room, A Place We Call Home (the whole verse reads "With faith in our hearts and a love all our own, Together we've made a place we call home"
Praiseworthy Stitches - Hooray Spring, Grace Manor, Arbor House
Mirabilia - The Bliss Fairy - She's very pretty and would be a great companion piece for The Petal Fairy
Sue Hillis Designs - Paradise (a fun piece with lots of "beachy" items and the words "Just another day in Paradise); it includes a suntan lotion bottle charm!
Dragon Dreams - Child of Mine, The Time I Spend Stitching, Messy but Mine
Hillside Sampling - Hillside chool of Handworke
Sudberry - Yummy Bunnies (bunnies dressed as fruits)
Marnic - What is Man (A lion, zebra, elephant and giraffe witha Mark Twain quote "The fact that man knows right from wong proves his intellectual superiority to the other creatures; but the fact that he can do no wrong proves his moral inferiority to any creature that cannot."
SamSarah - Sweet, Sweet Babe - I wish I knew someone having a baby so I could stitch this one!
Silver Lining - Ginger's Peach Nouveau
Imaginating - Cherished Love (a wedding sampler), Hemmed in Prayer (sampler with the verse "A life hemmed in prayer seldom unravels"), All That I Am (or hope to be I owe to my mother)
Blue Ribbon Designs - Find Your Happy Place (focus on the positive, make your heart smile)
Jeanette Crews - Woodland Fairies (three different patterns)
La-D-Da - My Sunshine (remember the song, You Are My Sunshine) - this is a cute sampler and you just may see a model in the shop in the near future :)
Barbara & Cheryl - Sanctuary
Homespun Elegance - Miniature Samplers VII, Door Posies I
Shepherd's Bush - Be Strong
Precious Moments - Love, Family & Friends, Go Team Go!
Casey Buonaugurio - Pineapple Upside Down Cake
Come see us tomorrow and see what foolishness we'reinto!
What are you stitching on??

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