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Highlights of the Needlework Show

Sent: April 20, 2006

Hi Stitchers -
I've gone through the vendors on the first column of the list and here's what I like so far! I'm only mentioning the highlights so that those of you with limited time to look will know what to click on.
Cat's Whiskers - this is a new designer from Australia that I met in Nashville. Her patterns do not show how truly beautiful her patterns are, especially Dragonfly Jewels and Indian Dreams. Full of specialty stitches and a variety of threads, the charts are high quality. They sold out at Nashville and had to mail our order to us!
Cherished Stitches - this designer is inspired by antique samplers and "sewing smalls". I love her monthly boxes - if you like her page at the show, visit her website to see more. I've had some of her designs before and will order more.
Creations Annie Cicatelli - Gadget lovers - see the wooden thread holders that are initials. I think these would be great gift items.
Cross My Heart - A well known design company - their new charts are at the bottom of the page and includea Brother Poem and some other pretty charts.
Designs by Lisa - I just wrote her name as a fairly new designer but no more notes and I can't remember what she had! I guess, just check it out!
Dessins DHC- A french company with a variety of patterns (see Anagram too). I personally love the French samplers - just wish I had time to stitch some of them because the ones I love best are the biggest! Dessins also has great charts for music lovers - Treble Clef and Piano are on their show page with more on their website.
Dinky-Dyes - An unusual name for a company... In addition to their overdyed silk and cotton, they have some inexpensive colorful scissors.
Without looking at the actual pages of thevendors in the 2nd and 3rd columns, I can tell you that I can't wait to visit The French Needle and European Cross Stitch.
Email me back if you like getting this brief email about my highlights and I'll do another tomorrow on the rest of the show. If I don't get emails, I won't send it out.

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