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Sent: April 21, 2006

Hi Stitchers -
I've toured the rest of the show and here are my highlights - I received lots of emails back yesterday and I loved it! Today is FUN FRIDAY for April(for those of you who are new to this list, I started this monthly feature last month). I hope you will be spending part of your day having FUN browsing at the show or coming to the shop. For Fun Friday this month, all orders placed from the Needlework Show will receive acomplimentary chartwith their order. If you come into the shop, you can pick one out yourself from several that are available!
Onto the hightlights of the show:
AbbeyLane- ok, this one was in the first column but I forgot it yesterday! For the needleminder fans, check out her pewter needle magnets ($9.95) - they look like something you'd find in an antique shop. I personally have the square one and will vouch for its strength - it's been rolled up (not on purpose!) several times on my scroll frame while I've worked on my year long Monthly ABC! This page has some cute designs as well.
Enchanted Fabrics- For those of you who like overdyed fabric, this page offers hand painted and hand dyed fabrics. My only disclaimer is that I haven't seen these in person. I wish Picture This Plus was here - I love their fabrics! We brought a lot of them home from Nashville. If you want to visit their site, go to http://www.picturethisplus.com
If you want to order from them, I'll count it as a "Needlework Show" order!

Erica Michaels- Check out the Stitcher's Surprise Sampler Book at the bottom of her page. This is her new series for Rainbow Gallery that will span two years. I've started stitching the pages for the book and will offer it as a Monthly Club soon - please let me know if you're interested. She also has some great patterns and punchneedle pieces. I've scheduled a Erica Michaels trunk show for later in the year and you will love it!
European Cross Stitch- A wide variety of patterns from European designers. There are samplers, beautiful florals, advanced to intermediate pieces with lots of stitches and different threads and more. If you're looking for something different, check them out.
The French Needle- To really appreciate what this distributor has, visit her website (you can click on the website addresses at the top of the each page at the show). Anagram has my favorites (they also have a separate page at the show).
Full Circle - Sew Good Seeds and Live Life Simply - we have these patterns in the shop. If you want to add just a touch of wool to your stitching, they are really cute - we saw the models at Nashville. Also new is Angel Hare Garden - soft muted colorsand pretty, it would be a lovely baby sampler.
Glory Bee- We carry some of their patterns and they have quick to stitch cute patterns with a lot of "sayings".
Graceful Lily- We have some of these in the shop as well. The backstitched gates are beautiful - Terry has stitched a lot of them and they look great grouped together hanging in her house. Also new is Mexican Convent Sampler, an 1860 reproduction I found interesting to look at.
Heart's Content- This is also one of my favorite booths to visit at market as Maureen Appleton, the designer of HC mainly works over one thread on linen or silk gauze. This is also a website visit must if you like her things. My personal order will be placed here and it's a kit called Respect. At $69.95, it's a little pricey but all of her designs are kitted with the highest quality materials and I have several of her things in my "Must Do Someday" stash!
Historic Stitches- Reproductions of antique samplers (English, American, French, and Quaker) as well as original charts. They also haveunique handpainted stitching accessories. I've seen their things in person and they are beautiful and very well done. Sampler Pins are $32.95, The Thread Board Starter Set is $64.95, and the Acorn Harvest Thread Keeper Kit is $46.95.
In The Company of Friends- Notecards, bookplates, finishing labels (for the back of your finished needlework) with muted colors and classic motifs of antique samplers. Here's something you can buy that you don't have to stitch but will enhance your finished work! Great gift items.
JBW- One of our favorite designers - we brought their new things home from Nashville and continue to reorder so I have to have herin the highlights!
Kelmscott- Don't forget about the new Peacock Needle Minder! We already have a lot of orders for it!
Living Faith, Hope, & Grace Designs - Interesting patterns of crosses - monthly patterns are $10 ea.
Liz Turner Diehl- Another booth I always like to visit at markets - her work is eclectic and elegant - she even has some stumpwork. Her historical gardens are my favorites and I have one of them in that "Must Do Someday" stash!
M Designs- I imagine most of you know M Designs since this is the designer of our Pray Tree. She has two new Tree Patterns, Grace and Rejoice and we have them in the shop. Did you know you can also order personalized trees with first or last names? First names are $12 and last are $24 - just let us know what you want. Jinger is stitching her son's name (Adam) and it is looking great!
Monsterbubbles- Fun & Funky - I wish they had better photos!
The Sampler Girl- Lots of cute patterns - I really like her First Lady Sampler Series and her Jane Austen Sampler Series.
Scarlet Quince- Stunning, beautiful, great variety- according to their website, the pictures are of actual stitched pieces, not computer generated! My favorite is Merry Old Santa Claus. The pattern is $9.00 and if you stitch it and show me the completed work, I'll refund the cost of your chart!
Sue Hillis- Another old favorite designer - check out L212 Paradise and the designs on the Tokens & Trifles sewing cards. We have these in the shop and I'm itching to do something with them!
Sweetheart Tree- One ofthe mostpopular pages at the last Online Show- we brought their new things home from Nashville and continue to reorder! Love her C is for Cat kit!
Threaded Needle Designs - Beadweaving w/peyote stitch.

Happy Browsing!! I'm going to send a separate email with a little more info!

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