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Doorprizes & Other Miscellaneous Info

Sent: April 21, 2006

Hi - it's me again! I just wanted to remind you about signing up for doorprizes at the show. There's also a Fun Page you can visit - if you have time, it'd be fun to do their contest.

I sent a separate email with all the highlights - if you have any questions or need a price on anything, just email me. If you want to call us with your order and/or a credit card number, our contact numbers are 888-633-3530 or 850-478-8898. We'll be happy to take your order over the phone if you don't want to type it all out. If you do want to email it in, you can click on the "Special Order Shops" link on the homepage at the show and then click on "Needle Delights" and that will take you straight to a email page.

Please place your orders no later than Monday at 4pm (Central Time). If you can do it earlier, that would be much appreciate by moi as I have to compile all the orders before I send them in!

Don't forget to sign up for doorprizes - our own Nina has already won one from Linen Flower Designs. Alas, the shop hasn't won yet - boohoo - we won a lot last time!

Thanks for helping to make this a FUN show for me - my feet are especially happy! They always hurt at tradeshows, no matter what shoes are on them...The kitties are happy too because Mama didn't have to them alone for the weekend like she did when she went to the show in Nashville!


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