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Coming Soon - Order Now!!

Sent: May 9, 2006

Hi Stitchers -

I just returned from my EGA cruise yesterday! I'm refreshed, renewed, relaxed, and raring to go! The stack of work on my desk is high so here are just a few quick notes for you of things that are "coming soon"! Take a look and let me know if you'd like us to hold anything or send anything to you when it comes in! I'll "talk" to you again later in the week!


FromJust Nan - our automatic should be arriving at the end of the week or beginning of next week.

Summer in the Square is the third of 4 seasons in the square, all with the gazebo and the beautiful Visions charm (this one has a hummingbird and flowers!). Mermaid Heart is a beautiful piece featuring a cool Painted Mermaid Charm and 4 silver Sea Horses. If you want to do a smaller section of it, there is a limited edition Whimzi Frame that has a Seahorse on it. If you're interested, let me know quickly because these will go fast! See photos on Nan's website:


New from Victoria Sampler (ordering now)

Gingerbread Garden Sampler - this is just adorable! and the next in the alphabet series, "J is for Juggler"


New from Kelmscott (the Needle Minder lady!) - Thread Rings!Her french shops and designers have been beggingher for mother of pearl thread rings as there are so many "smalls"and sewing books that need these. There is a photo of these on her website. I'm ordering these in the next day or two so let me know if you'd like any! I can also order more Needle Minders - these continue to be quite popular and we have the new Mermaid style in the shop. Thread Rings pkg of 10 for only $6.50 - reserve yours now. See a photo of the rings at:


You can see a photo of a design with the rings in use at http://www.withmyneedle.com/acorn.html

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