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PunchNeedle News & Class Added

Sent: May 11, 2006

Hi Stitchers (and future "Punchers"!) -

Due to popular demand, I've put another Punchneedle class on the calendar for Wednesday, May 24th at 10am. If you want to sign up, please let me know ASAP so I can be sure to have needles on hand. If you'd like to sign up but this is not a convenient time for you, please contact me via email or phone (478-8898) and I'll set something up for you.

A smaller (5") Morgan hoop is now available for $7.95 and we have them in the shop. They hold your fabric more firmly than the Susan Bates hoops and this is a great new size.

Also coming soon is a Morgan hoop lap frame that will hold a 5" and a 7" hoop - I'm personally looking forward to this smaller size. I love working on the current lap frame that holds the 7" and 10" but a lot of the patterns are smaller. They are also releasing a lap frame set that has three sizes of hoops (5, 7, and 10"). Prices are below:
5"/7" Combo Lapframe $29.95
7"/10" Combo Lapframe $34.95
5"/7"/10" Lapframe set $49.95

If you'd like us to save any of the frames for you, just let us know and we'll contact you when they come in. I do have one in the shop if you'd like to see it in action or try it out. It certainly helps the wrists and fingers from cramping while holding the hoop.

Keep punching!

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