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Sent: May 26, 2006

Hi Stitchers -



We finished our Year Long needlepoint class "Monthly ABC - Adventures in stitches - Basic to Challenging and had our wrap party earlier this week! It was so much fun to see everyone's pieces unrolled and complete (for the most part!). I've put the photos up - the piece is almost 30" long and the photos do not do justice to the actual stitched pieces. I will offer a "cyber class" starting in the fall for those of you who would like to stitch this piece. Our shop year long needlepoint class will start in the fall and be  a mystery piece that I'm currently designing - it will debut at the Open House later this summer!



Limited Specials

Were you wondering if I'd ever change the Limited Specials page??! I've done it this morning and put up a variety of items that  I'd like to say goodbye to. If you see something that you want, let me know right away because a few of the items are the last ones left.



I also put up a photo of my most recently finished (and framed!) pieces on the Shop Display page - you have to scroll down to see "Chocolate". This was one of the quickies I picked up at the Nashville market and stitched up in a night! I've recently finished a couple of other cross stitch pieces but will wait and post them after they are framed or finished completely!



We've gotten a lot of new items in the shop recently - come in and see us! No beach traffic to contend with now that we're in Pensacola!


Have a great Holiday Weekend - send me an email and tell me what you plan to stitch on this weekend!

I'm starting an Alphabet sampler from Carriage House Samplings (thanks to my friend Holly who directed me to this site!!). Each letter is sold as a separate chart. I’m going to start a Monthly Club for those of you who would like to receive the letter charts one per month. For those of you who would like to finish a little quicker, you may choose the two per month option. The price to join the Alphabet Club is $5.00. The first month you will receive the charts for the border, including the signature blocks at the bottom, A (Angel) and B (Bird). After that, the price is $4.50/month to receive one letter OR $8.50 to receive two letters (postage included) – you just need to let us know if you’d prefer one or two letters per month. All the letters are now available so if you want to just purchase them all now, that's also an option. The first person I showed the patterns to yesterday took all of them home with a piece of linen to start stitching! I just have to decide what count linen I want to do it on. Sizes are as follows:

28 ct 17x21     32 ct 15x18     36 ct 13x16      40 ct 12x14.5   (stitching sizes) Prices vary from $18-33, depending on the count of the fabric.

Here's a link to Carriage House Samplings website - you have to scroll down to see this sampler in progress.


You can also click on their "new" and see some brand new patterns that just came into the shop yesterday! I got an early jump on some things being released in June! We also received two new patterns from Blue Ribbon Designs

Stitches, Stars, and Stripes



Patriotic Wishes Volume 1



I'm really stopping now! Happy Weekend - come see us! No classes tomorrow - the back is open if you want to just come hang out and stitch! If I hear from a few people that you want to come stitch in the morning, we'll do an impromptu stitchin and I'll get donuts...you have to email me though...now I'll know who reads all the way to the bottom!



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