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Sent: May 31, 2006

Hi Stitchers -

Did you know that Lizzie Kate now has patterns for Punch Needle? You can see them all at
All of their designs come with the design printed on the fabric.

We've had the seasonal designs (they sold out quickly!) but I'll be ordering more this week. They will be introducing nine new designs at market and I can't wait to see them all punched! I know they will be adorable! If you'd like to order any of the designs, send me an email and I'll put them aside for you.

I'm currently punching the Winter design (PN004) and it's very cute - if you want to see it in progress, it's at the shop. Come in anytime if you'd like to try a little punch needle for yourself! I'll even let you punch on my piece! If you want a more formal lesson, I'm happy to schedule one with you - it only takes one class and you'll be all set to punch anything you'd like!


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