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Sent: June 2, 2006

Happy June! Summer is upon us, the weather is warming up and I'm staying indoors more to stay cool and stitch! It's not too early to think about your Christmas stitching projects. I'm looking forward to getting the Just Cross Stitch 10th Anniversary book later this month and starting some ornaments. I'm in an "Ornament Mood" and as I sit here typing, a fabulous (I think) idea is coming to me - let's do an Ornament Exchange through the mail! Would you like to stitch an ornament, send it to Needle Delights, and receive a different ornament back? Send me an email and if there's enough interest, I'll develop this and let you know how it will work.
Congratulations to Loretta Wright - her keytag was pulled out of the basket yesterday and we will mail her prize to her in Georgia! The basket has been emptied - be sure to use your completely punched tag at some point this month and be eligible to winat the endofJune.This is the month you want to besure you're eligible to win because the prize is a basket of goodies that Icollect at market!If you remember last year, the basket was stuffed with fun things that you couldn't even buy! Sandy Winters still talks about winning that month!
On to some news - the new book listing is available now at
We got a few of the patterns a little early but the rest will land in the shop early next week. If you'd like to reserve something, let us know or feel free to order directly through the website. If you're local, we do not actually charge you until you pick the patterns up even though you have to put in your credit card info for your order to go through. If you have your ordered mailed, we charge close to actual postage - always less than what will show up onscreen. If you have any questions, just let me know.
Here are a few favorites to be sure that you look at:
Mirabilia - White Christmas
Pickel Barrel - Under the Sea (unusual name for a designer buta cute pattern)
Silver Lining - Scene Stealer (another beautiful iris, it's amazing how he keeps coming up with them!)
Carriage House - one of myfavorite designers (I have started stitching the Alphabet Sampler I wrote about last week and will post a photo next week of the progress!)
M Designs - Joy tree ornament (I think this may have been in one of the Ornament Magazines); quick to stitch since it's only three letters!
Blue Ribbon Designs - great patriotic patterns!
By the Bay - Cute Santa patterns - I love the beachy one!
Heart in Hand- Wee Flowers, Gardening Medley
Country Cottage - Raspberry Patch
Little House - Hannah Purington, 1796 (in the Dear Diary Series, I think this may be the cutest one yet!)
Plum Pudding -Believe
and more...be sure to look at the whole list on the website.
Have fun browsing and be sure to pick up a needle this weekend - remember,
A Stitch in Time Saves the Mind!

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