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Summer Online Showcase

Sent: June 17, 2006

Hi Stitchers -
First - If you receive this email twice, please just delete one and stay with me - we're still trying to figure out why the emails are going out twice. Hopefully, two emails are better than none!
This email is really a reminder to you that the Summer Online Showcase will officially close tomorrow (Sunday, the 18th)- you've got one moreday to visit, see what's new, and download a few free charts. Don't forget about our specials - we've discounted the kits for some of the free patterns - the most popular so far is "Liberty for Ewe" from Crescent Colours! Here's a link to the Show:
If you'd prefer to see the new books in the regular format, just click on the Merchant Mall link on our website homepage and see the Mid June New Book Listing.

Stitch a lot this weekend - I plan to!!

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