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Sent: June 21, 2006

Hi Stitchers -
The Cookbook Review was so great that I received orders for more cookbooks than I had in stock - I've just called and inquired about ordering more and they are still available. I will order them one more time. If you want one, please let me know by Friday, June 23rd as this will be your last opportunity to purchase one.
While we're talking about books, I discovered a cute little set of novels featuring a Tea Shop. In Death by Darjeeling, Charleston tea shop owner Theodosia Browning solves her first murder mystery. Additional titles in the series, available inpaperback, are Gunpowder Green, English Breakfast Murder, Shades of Earl Gray, and Jasmine Moon Murder. There are two more available in hardcover but I only ordered the paperbacks. Each novel even includes recipes (I know everyone loves recipes!). If you'd like to reserve one (or more) of these murder mysteries, let me know. They are $6.99 ea and if youorder all five, you may take 10% off!
New in the shop - lots of photos (and some desciptions below) at
Lizzie Kate -Flip-It Ornaments (Faith, Family,& Caring), patterns Just Be Claus! (Santa '06), Autumn Things, A Brother, and Winter Wishes, and their new adorable Punch Needle patterns for Christmas and Halloween ornaments
Teresa Layman - Adorable new knotted kits - make into pendants - these stitch up quickly and are a great way to try out this technique. If you're saying "Knot in My Wildest Dreams" but still reading, come in and I'll show you how easy french knots can be! You can also try Colonial Knots (used in the backgrounds - they're easier than French Knots, I promise!). I'll start one of the pendants - how to decide ??? they're all cute or beautiful!
Mill Hill - They've outdone themselves with their kits this year (in my opinion!).Santa's Closet ornaments are too cute - do them individually or as a set to display together. I love the Christmas Village bead & button kits. The banding kits even include hardware - how can you beat a completely finished piece for $13.95?! The perforated paper Santas aremedieval themed this year. And there's a new style of beaded bracelet - they look easy to mebut we'llprobably offer aclass later this summer or in the fall!I've put photos ofall on the website. Also don't forget the Autumn and Halloween kits we've added to the shop!
Gentle Art - Five new colors of sampler threads - Baby Spinach, Lambswool, Mustard Seed, Old Hickory, and Weathered Barn $14.75/set
Every day brings more goodies from market - plan a trip to the shop soon!

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