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Town Square and Village Charts

Sent: June 28, 2006

Town Square and Village – 40 designers and vendors at our Summer 2006 Wholesale Needlework Market collaborated on a Town Square and Village and designed a particular building as part of the overall village. It was such fun to see what building each designer chose. They had their design stitched and on display in their booths. We went from booth to booth to be sure that we got each and every chart – Monsterbubbles designed a jail, Shepherds Bush a Honey Shop,  Sweetheart Tree a Sweet Shop, Bent Creek did a Fish Market (complete with lobsters in the window and embellished with a crab charm!), and the list goes on and on. I’ve somewhat got my personal “street” designed – it must have a  Cross Stitch Shop, Book Store, Shoe Store, Post Office, Bakery, Flower Shop, Pet Store, Knit Shop, Fish Market, Theatre, and Church! One of our distributors had several of the shops stitched on large piece of fabric that will become a game board – the buildings go around a large center square. Another had five or six houses stitched side by side. So many ideas galloped through my mind of what to do with all these charts – I pass the challenge on to you now!


These charts were a GIFT from designers to shopowners who attended the Indianapolis market. In trying to come up with the perfect idea of how to pass them on to you, our customers, without making a million copies, I have decided to follow the lead of several other successful shops. We are scanning them all and will burn them to a CD. The charts are in j-peg form which can be opened into a word document and printed. We will send you the CD  for $5.00 which covers the cost of the time, labor, CD and mailing BUT the request for the cd must accompany an order (if you’re waiting on the 10th Anniversary Ornament issue which should arrive any day, let us know you want the CD and we’ll include it with your book!). Of course, you may also purchase it in the shop when you come in. These charts are not 'freebies' - they are a thank you to those of us who attended market. Although we cannot sell them, we can do whatever we want with them to share them with our customers and this is my solution to the issue of how to get them to you!


CDs will be available through the month of July - let us know if you want one. We're burning them as needed.


Thanks -


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