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Hurricane Ivan Update

Sent: September 22, 2004

So many of you have sent emails with your concern about us during Hurricane Ivan. We are answering everyone as a group as we just cannot get to all the individual ones we need to answer just yet. This is a very hard email to write. We know you all love Needle Delights.

We finally were able to get to our shop in Gulf Breeze today for the first time since last Tuesday. The building was still intact but most of the shingles were blown away exposing bare wood and leaving us with soaked insulation, ceiling tiles, and carpet. Insulation and ceiling tiles have fallen. We have lost a large percentage of our inventory. We will have to gut the shop and remodel so it will be some time, before we can be ready for retail shop business. Don't know for sure just what we are going to do but will take it one day at a time and see what develops.....we wil keep you all updated as we make decisions.
Harbourtown overall had major damage. We will start tomorrow with clean-up and salvage. The only areas "untouched" are Framer John's framing area upstairs and the very back of the shop and office area downstairs. A side note - we were fortunate enough to take most of the things which hadn't been picked up by customers home with us and they are safe. All the finishing that Jeanette has is safe. We will be in touch with those who have special orders, framing, and finishing. We hope to do some mail order. Right now we just need to get thru the salvage part.

So many of you know us like "family" so will give you the "rest of the update".

Jeanette and John's home did quite well compared to most - we only need a new roof due to loss of shingles...no water damage. The power came on
Tuesday afternoon so we all had a wonderful HOT shower for the first time in a week. There are so many others here who do not have that luxury yet.

Kathy's home sustained major damage - roof shingles blown off to expose raw wood with water damage to ceilings, floors, walls. She stayed with us during Ivan and will be staying with us for awhile. We have already removed some of her belongings to safeguard them from further damage if rain does come.

The Pensacola area has catastrophic damage that looks like a war zone. Emergency workers of 17 other disasters rank us #2 after 9-11. There are emergency workers and tree trimming trucks from 34 states working around the clock to get things on a recovery level.

Everyone has been pitching in as our area has been cut off from each other in our area. Slowly things are opening and lines are getting shorter for tarps,ice, food, water, etc. The big problem with roads is the hundreds and hundreds of emergency trucks and crews coming in. Most of the hotels were on the beaches - they are unaccessible and most of the property has been destroyed along the beach.

We are grateful - we are alive and at least still have our home, unlike so many people in our area.

Thanks again for all your thoughts and prayers. We'll be in touch.

Jeanette, Framer John, and Kathy

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