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Sent: October 28, 2004

Dear Stitching Friends,

Itís been over a month since Hurricane Ivan hit the Pensacola area and itís time for another update about Needle Delights.

Most of you know that our shop, both building and merchandise, was severely damaged by Hurricane Ivan. Now that we are almost finished with insurance adjusters, we will have a Hurricane Sale November 4-5-6,Thurs-Fri-Sat. A follow-up email will follow this on with the sale information.

Sadly, Needle Delights will not be reopening in Harbourtown. John and Jeanette have decided to retire rather than rebuild and start over here. Kathy hopes to open a new Needle Delights in Pensacola in January and will keep you apprised of her plans.

Our phone number, 850/934-1017, will be working for a short time. Jeanette will continue with finishing work. She can be contacted on the website or email jeanette@needledelights.com. The website will remain until further notice.

Thank you for all your support over the past 12 years - it has been a pleasure serving you.

Please reply to this email so we know your address is correct. We will also be mailing postcards out to those who do not have email.

Framer John, Jeanette and Kathy

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