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Stitching Retreat Photos & Next Year

Sent: October 18, 2006

Hi Stitchers -

This will probably be of interest most to those of you who attended the Retreat this past weekend or those of you who wished you attended! Thanks to Debbie Douma and her photography, I've put a Retreat Photo Gallery on the website and posted a few photos that were taken over the weekend. They are great shots but don't show how much fun we all had. You probably can't tell how relaxed we all were at the end of the weekend either! It was so great to be away from all the daily distractions of life - no tv, no phones, no computers, no cars, no cooking, no cleaning, people waiting on you, etc, etc - it was wonderful! Oh yeah, lots of stitching too!

I have booked the Camp for next year and we will return the same 2nd weekend of October! We can only hope that the weather next year will be as delightful as it was this year! We'll stay later on Sunday next year. The dates are October 12-14, 2007. Mark your calendars now! Registration forms will be on the website when I get them ready. If you attended this year, you will have first shot at getting them turned in. Everyone else will be first come, first serve.

Again, I'd like to really thank the people that attended our first Needle Fair, Stitching Retreat - you will always be part of something special.

Here's a link to the photos:


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