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New from Nashville!

Sent: February 13, 2007

Hi Stitchers -

I hope your needles are ready! We had a wonderful time in Nashville visiting with the designers, seeing their models and shopping! We brought back lots of great new stuff for you and I've set up a separate page on the website for pictures of some of the highlights. I'll probably add more but for now, click on
Also, don't forget to check out the Merchant Mall on our website - there are TONS of new designs listed there. I didn't repost everything on our "New from Nashville" page.

We have a few of Just Nan's new things but you can see what is coming (and reserve anything you want) in the next automatic at
Be sure to check out Lady Scarlet's Secret Garden stitching accessory kit at http://www.justnan.com/lssg.html
This will be available next month and you must reserve one if you want it. Price is $50 and comes complete - all you add is a cotton ball for finishing! We saw it in person and it's beautiful. Just Nan fans have been ordering it sight unseen but now you can see it and let me know if you want me to order one for you. I have reserved a few but know they'll go quickly. Same with the Daffodil Run Frame & the Limited Edition Whimzi Cherub Garden - we always sell out quickly and can't order more.

Speaking of Limited Edition kits, there were several at this market. The Cat's Whiskers kits were really cute and I plan to stitch a "tuffet" to try and finish it myself!
Also, check out the collaboration by Little House Needleworks with the Crescent Colours flosses and the special mother of pearl threadkeeper that Kelmscott created exclusively for this kit. 1000 kits were produced and they are numbered. There's a photo on the website and it's really cute and in my stitching basket!
In mentioning Crescent Colours, I must tell you that now there are Crescent Colours overdyed SILKS! 25 colors to start with and 25 more to come this summer. I brought these home and am dying to stitch something with them!

In the interest of letting you know what came home with us, I'll get this sent and probably talk to you again this week!

Happy Valentines Day - come get yourself something you love - stitching stuff!!


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