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March 16, 2007 eNews (Resend)

Sent: March 29, 2007

NOTE: The following newsletter was sent out to the Needle Delight's enews subscribers on March 16, 2007. Apparently there were some problems with the email deliveries to some of you, so we are resending this email again.

Hi Stitchers -

I've been busy updating the website with a few new photos. Read on for all the details and click on the links to take you to the important stuff - the photos!

Under "New in the Shop", check out Fleurs en Transferts. A softcover book, written in French, it includes over 400 iron on transfers for embroidery - florals, alphabets, borders, and more. Fabulous! $23.00

A-Z of Needlepoint is the 11th book in the popular A-Z Series. Spiral bound to lay flat - lots of step-by-step photos and great instructions. $25.00


In the "Shop Displays" I've posted photos of two designs from the latest Blackbird book "With Needle and Thread" - you may be tired of me telling you how much I loved finding this book in Nashville but I'm still loving it!!

With over a dozen designs, it's a real bargain at only $26.00. I've stitched two of the patterns - Bluebird and Small Pink House and have another ready to start! I also stitched "Right Spirit" from La-D-Da and have it framed on display in the shop.


"Monthly Clubs"

The next two Mini Kat patterns are here - St Patty Kat and Funny Bunny (editorial comment - too cute!). New Threadpack kits from Little House and Crescent Colours (there will be four Seasonal Samplers with the overdyed scrumptious silk!). The Scripture series has been so popular that six more designs are being added to the set. The next six kits will be "Inspirational" and the first one will be Believe and includes the verse "All things are possible to him who believes". If you want to be included in this auto, let me know - Believe will ship in April!

I've also added two more letters in the Stitcher's Surprise Series. The ladies coming to class each month are really enjoying this series and as with most of our "Clubs" and Series, you can start anytime!

Continuing with my latest stitching, the Red Thread snapper is well on its way! The complete verse is "An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but it will never break." The first two charts (Snowman and Love) are connected with red, the border's half complete and I'm eagerly waiting for the next few charts. I can't wait to see where the red thread goes next. See the progress at

"Needlepoint Ornament of the Month 2007"

I've updated this gallery with the last two months! We're enjoying stitching the Twirlaments and finished the latest with a beaded tassel!


As of this writing, the new books aren't posted but I expect them anytime - Friday afternoon is when they post them. Personally, I'm crossing my fingers to see new Red Thread Snappers!

Happy Stitching -


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