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The Show is Open!

Sent: April 19, 2007

Hi Stitchers -

If you tried to get into the Needlework Show last night and were denied, it wasn't you - it was their site! Evidently, with so many people entering for doorprizes yesterday, their hosts thought the site was under a spam bot attack. Their servers were locking up so the site shut down. Once access was given this morning, the doorprize entry forms were disabled. They're not sure yet how doorprizes for this show will be handled but, stay tuned!

The show will be extended an extra day to compensate for the down time.

Thank you for your patience!

Happy Shopping - I'm going now myself! I'll email later with some of my favorites! Last night I did get a chance to view the pages of Carriage House Samplings, Harbour Light, and DebBee - just like you, I went to some of my favorites first and they all had NEW stuff!

Looking forward to your emails!

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