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Show Update and Just Nan Specials

Sent: April 19, 2007

Dear Stitchers:
I just got into The Needlework Show and it reads, "Update (as of 5PM EDT, April 19th)! We continue to have problems with our hosts. Evidently, we keep crashing their server, so we've been shut down. At this point, we're going to CLOSE the show for this week. We will move to a different server as soon as possible and re-open the show on a different set of dates. We will post here as soon as we know the re-schedule dates."
I'll let you know when the show is back!
In the meantime,I've got a deal for you! We have a number of embellishment packs from Just Nan that we don't have the charts for. To clear them out, I'm offering them to you at least 50% off. You may have some of these charts without the embellishments and this is your chance to complete your chart. For some of you, this is your chance to get a great pattern with the bead pack at a rock bottom price. If you see something you like, I'll order the chart for you and send it to you with the bead pack at the price listed. I'm discounting the chart for you as well! The table below shows the Just Nan leaflet pattern number, the name, the original bead price, the original leaflet price, the sale price of the leaflet with the bead pack, and the price of just the bead pack. Order by title and "Both" for bead pack with chart or "Beads Only" for just theembellishment pack. Embellishment packs typically include beads, charms, and overdyed threads for the pattern. Please place your orders no later than Monday at midnight so I can order the charts for you. Also feel free to order anything from the Just Nan site. If you have any questions, send me an email!
You can view all the patterns at www.justnan.com

Bead PackLeafletReg PricePrice Now!!Emb pack only
JN021Lady's Heart4.006.5010.506.201.00
JN024Silver Needle4.008.5012.507.801.00
JN028Catnip Tea6.007.0013.008.603.00
JN031Ebony Rose5.507.0012.507.602.00
JN041Angel Tapestry7.507.0014.509.353.75
JN048Christmas Jewel6.507.0013.507.602.00
JN055HummingBead Heaven7.008.5015.5010.303.50
JN088Christmas Soldiers5.508.5014.008.802.00
JN091September Song7.008.5015.5010.303.50
JN095Christmas Friends5.005.0010.006.002.00
JN099Ice Garden5.008.5013.508.802.00
JN100Octagonal Peacock9.007.0016.008.603.00
JN104Spring in the Air6.508.5015.0010.053.25
JN111Christmas Wallet7.508.5016.008.802.00
JN113Icy Hill6.008.5014.509.803.00
JN125Black Magic7.008.5015.509.803.00
JN1274 Wishes10.0015.0025.0017.005.00

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