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More Limited Specials and New in the Shop!

Sent: May 31, 2007

Hi Stitchers -
I've updated the Limited Specials page on the website and there are now more than 100 titles for you to peruse! Last week's specials flew out so takea look and let me know if you want something. Don't forget I'll be gone to market Friday and Saturday! I'll respond to all your emails and calls Thursday and then fill the requests in the order the emails come in. I'll answer all emails when I'm back in the shop next Tuesday and try to send out an email with market news! Of course, if you really want to know what's new, check out the Merchant Mall on Monday! I'll have ordered a lot of the items there and they'll be in the shop next week. A lot of designers are keeping secrets at this point but I do know Mirabilia will be releasing the next fairy in the Holiday Collection - I can't wait to see what Holiday she will portray!
In addition to the Specials, I've added to the "Monthlies"and the "New in the Shop" pages. Heart in Hand has a great quick to stitch Inspirations series and you can see it on the monthlies page. I've also added the latest Fruit Pack and Scripture threadpacks from Little House and Crescent Colours. Don't forget to let me know if you're interested in the new Birthday Birds from Crescent Colours and Primitive.
The latest kits from Mill Hill aregreat! Last year's Christmas Village bead & button kits were quite popular and they've added six buildings/scenes to the Village! There's a darling bakery, a skating pond, a wonderful cathedral, and more. The newest holiday pin kitsinclude a great assortment of holidayfavorites. The Cardinal is too cute and I'm sure the Snow Angel will be quite popular. This year's Santas on perforated paper kits feature Santas from the Appalachians - I know my mother who is now livingnear the Smoky Mountains and Blue Ridge will love these! See them all on the "New in the Shop" page (scroll down to Mill Hill).
The Caron Collection "Patches" pattern came in this week - I told you about it last week and can't wait to see it at market this weekend in person! You can see the photo from the link above.
If you're wanting anything special, let me know and I'll keep my eyes open at market - I wish I could take all of you in my hip pocket - it's so fun to see all the stitched models and visit with all the designers! I look forward to bringing back the best they have to offer.
If you're wanting to reserve Lady Scarlet from Just Nan, please let me know - I have to give them my final order this weekend! You can see it at
Happy Stitching!!

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