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Sent: June 4, 2007

Hi Stitchers -
I'm still at market but will be flying home later tonight. I just want to remind you that the shop will be open tomorrow night until 8 for Open Stitching (bring your project to work on or pick up something new!) and Shopping. I'm bringing home "samples" of some things I found at market and you'll be able to see and hear about it all! If you just can't wait, take a look at the Summer Online Showcase
There, you'll be able to viewsome of the new things I saw at market, read about some of your favorite designers, download some free charts, and view some Special Features. You've been asking about Mirabilia's next Fairy kit and it's Thanksgiving Harvest - you can see it under the "Exclusive HDC" option in the Showcase. Email me with your requests/orders/questions.
There's lots to tell you about and I'll update the website when I get home -
Keep Stitching!

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