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New Lizzie Kate & more...

Sent: June 15, 2007

Hi Stitchers -
Happy Friday! It's been aquick week here in the shop with new arrivals coming daily! The market orders and (re-orders!) continue to come in and it's like Christmas opening all the boxes of goodies! We've got new 27 new colors of silk from Crescent Colours plus her new colors. The new colors of Gentle Art Sampler Threads are in and the new overdyed wool (love it!).The Lizzie Kate automatic arrived today - three new Flip-it Bits, Fall Crazy,two Boxer kits, and a really cute Snippet. Thee first of the new "Birthday Birds" series from Praiseworthy Stitches & Crescent Colors is here along with the next Scripture Threadpack (Hope).
For those of you who like the look of overdyed linen but can't see those tiny holes, we've got some great new 14ct aida that has been hand-dyed - we've got five colors and it's already selling well. We continue to get so many beautiful colors of fabrics and threads and it is so fun to be using something new!
In the interest of time, I'll stop spouting and give you the links to look at a few of the new things I've managed to get up on the site - it's going to keep coming so stay tuned!
As the sampler that I'm going to start this weekend says (it's on the new page under Midsummer Night),
Forget me not
Forget me never
Let my worke
Give joy forever...
I hope my work at the shop gives you joy!
Happy Stitching!

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