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New from Just Nan and more

Sent: August 15, 2007

Hi Stitchers -
There are a couple of things I can't wait until Friday to tell you!
The new things coming from Just Nan have been posted to her website and we'll be receiving them at the end of next week (hopefully in time for the Open House!). If you want to reserve anything, please let me know ASAP. If you want to order one of the frames, be sure to let me know as they are not included in my automatic and I have to notify Nan by end of business tomorrow (Aug 16th).If you miss this "deadline" go ahead and email me anyway as I expect to reorder from her after the Open House.
Here are prices for the new items -
Ghoulies & Ghosties - Pattern $7.00
Scream Girls - Pattern $4.00 Whimzi Frame $20.00
Pearl Angel (Pearls & Beads included with pattern) $7.00 Frame $25.00
Christmas Ribbons - Pattern $10.00& Embellishments $7.00
2007 Ornament (Christmas Biscornu) - Pattern $7.50 Embellishment Pack $14.00
A word about the Biscornu (pronounced bis-korn-you): Stitchers worldwide have been making these little 8-cornered cushions (also sometimes called tuffets) and exchanging them for more than a year now. Many have been using Just Nan patterns so they designed a pattern specific to be finished as biscornus. The stitching can be finished completely by hand in about an hour! The leaflet has both front (Trees) and back (Snowflakes) designs and excellent finishing instructions. The Embellishment pack contains tons of gold and silver crystal beads, 4 garnet glass flowers, 2 Swarovski crystal buttons and even a tiny gold ring for attaching a hanger. They sparkle and making them is said to be addictive! I haven't tried one yet but this may be it!

Now a bit of unfortunate news: Gentle Art has again increased the price of their overdyed floss (Sampler Thread and Simply Shaker Threads)and we are unable to absorb this increase.We have not increased our price in several years (way before Hurricane Ivan)although our price has increased several times. As of Sept 1st, the new price is $3.25/skein (10 yards). Our current price is $2.95. If you want to go through your charts and order any colors at the old price, we will take your order through Friday, August 17that 2pm. After Friday, we will sell any colors we have in stock at the old price but new special orders will be at the new price. I hate raising any prices but wanted you to have an opportunity to stock up if you want.
Now a teaser...we received two of our Trunk Shows for the Open House today - I can't tell you what's inside the boxes because I havent' opened them yet! I hope you're all planning a break from the Real World to come to the Open House (ie big party!) next week. Tropical Storm/Hurricane Dean is NOT invited...
Hope you're staying cool! The heat is a great excuse to stay indoors with your stitching!

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