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Friday Update & More!!

Sent: October 3, 2007

Hi Stitchers -
I'm either late or early for the Friday Update - your choice!! We've received a lot of new patterns and I've added them to the website - take a look! We're getting some really cute Christmas designs, especially from JBW, Homespun Elegance, Imaginating and more. There's a new designer "Carousel Charts". The sisters that made up "Sisters & Best Friends" have split into two companies and now we have designs from Amy Bruecken and Wildflower Stitchery. Of course, there are more cute Halloween patterns and some general everyday stuff for those of you not wanting to put too much into holiday designs.Shepherd's Bush hasa cute Halloween fob and a darling Halloween sampler. There are several new Canvaswork patterns from Laura Perin too.
There's a cute design from My Mark for Bookmarks - quick to stitch and perfect designs for our Bookmark Challenge. Be sure to submit a stitched bookmark anytime from now until the end of October. We will be donating these bookmarks to our Public Library and they will use them for Prizes for their "Get Caught Reading" program at the local libraries in November. Please support this cause as it is a great way to help kids and promote reading. We've ordered a lot of bookmark charts and have a good supply of prefinished bookmarks as well. If you'd rather use a scrap of fabric and finish the edges yourself, come in and pick out a scrap or two - we'll give them to you free with a purchase of a bookmark chart.
I've updated the monthlies page also - there's a new Loose Feathers from Blackbird and a new Autumn Sampler from Little House and Crescent Colours.
The Milady's Needle Trunk Show is beautiful - be sure to come in and check out all the models. We'll have them in the shop until next Thursday (the 11th) and then they'll be packed up to go to the Retreat. We have to send them on to their next destination immediately after the retreat so come see them soon. The finishing work is absolutely beautiful and does not show up in the photos.
Needle Necessities, a supplier of overdyed floss, has gone out of business and we can no longer place any orders with them. If you have any charts that call for their flosses or are interested in purchasing any of the threads, you'll want to do this ASAP as I won't be able to get any more. We're sad to lose them as they were really wonderful threads.
If you are interested in signing up for our ongoing Needlepoint class, "Parallel Dreams", don't delay - the deadline has passed but I have a few more spots open. Classes start the last week in October - see the class page for more details and color choices or come into the shop to pick it out in person!

That's it for now - I'm sure there'll be more later in the week!

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