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Sent: October 19, 2007

Hi Stitchers!
First, we are fine at Needle Delights - no tornado activity (other than me & Tonia, of course) occured at the shop yesterday. There was one that touched down within a few miles  but we were safe - thank you to everyone that called and emailed. We knew we were in a lot of thoughts and appreciate everyone's concern. Since we only had a couple of customers brave enough to face the weather yesterday, we got fairly caught up with putting everything away from the Retreat and I placed lots of orders yesterday! I will email later today with an update to "What's New". In the meantime...
I woke up early this morning and, with the help of Boots and Sammi, browsed the online show. How wonderful to be at home in my jammies and listening to the rain with a contented cat (Sammi) in my lap and a jealous cat (Boots) sitting and staring at us!
Here are a few of my "observations" and things you might want to take a look at. These are just the highlights and I do recommend going through the individual pages - if you know you aren't interested in a designer, scroll down to the bottom and hit "Next Vendor".
For those of you who only do needlepoint or counted canvas, take a look at:
Canvas Work
Brenda Kocher Designs- (Love her new design "Pathways")
Harbour Light Designs
Heartfelt Designs
Northern Pine Designs
Handpainted Needlepoint Canvas
Designing Dogs
Magic Needle
Night Owl Needlepoint
Princess and Me (adorable ornament designs with stitchguides)
Jackie's Needleart Mania carries silk screened brown and white Penelope needlepoint canvases.
Rishfeld Designs
Sandy Grossman-Morris Designs
Cross Stitch and Other Goodies:
Aunt Susie's House has a good variety of designs - cross stitch, punch needle, and some embroidery. I haven't done any embroidery since the early days of my stitching but "Cherish Christmas" and "Happy Harvest" have me thinking maybe it's time to try it again! I embroidered before I did counted cross stitch. When my mom taught me to do counted cross stitch, I loved that there were exact holes to go in - tells you something about my perfectionist tendencies. Anyway, that was the end of my embroidery!
Butterfly Stitches specializes in blackwork
Carriage House has four new designs - my favorite is the Friendship Sampler
Cedar Hills - I love these flowers and someday will have to stitch one or two! I never tire of looking at their models at market
Cherished Stitches Designs are inspired by the many existing antique samplers and sewing smalls that so many of us love. I really like the new "Wicked Addiction Neccessaire" - what a great name for such a cute project!
Cinnamon Cat is a designer I've not seen before and has some cute items, especially the baby samplers and holiday themed designs.
Country Bumpkin has all the A-Z books for different techniques - these are all wonderful "reference" books.
Dessins is a French company with a different style from what we have in the USA. Their designs are in different styles of classic, fun or modern. I love looking at their designs.
European Cross Stitch distributes a lot of designers from Europe and there is quite a variety. Take a look. A design from "Chatelaine" won first place at our Retreat Needle Fair Exhibit last weekend.
Funk & Weber Designs is the sponsor of our current Bookmark Challenge.  Read-It, Read-It is the first in the Needle and Thread: Stitching for Literacy pattern series. This pattern is half of a Tribute To Librarians. It comes from this joke:A chicken walks into a library and says, "book-book-book," (say that as though you're making a chicken sound), so the librarian gives the chicken a book. The chicken takes the book to a pond and sits next to a frog. The frog says, "Read-it, read-it."
Fern Ridge Collections is a little different twist on the usual. Counted thread, needlepoint, and peyote beading encourage playfulness as well as beauty in everyday stitching. You can't see how wonderful it is from the photo but we saw the model of the Collage Collection book and it's fabulous and an excellent price for all that you get.
Heart's Content Beautiful, classic, stitch over one, silk gauze, excellent quality. I have several of these kits in my personal "to stitch" collection. Always one of my favorite booths to visit at market.
Indigo Rose is another favorite of mine - elegant, beautiful designs and quite a variety. She even has a "biscornu" pattern!
Ink Circles has become a popular designer at Needle Delights.  Her new Cirque des Triangles is a followup companion to Cirque des Circles which is a best seller.
JBW Designs Another favorite at Needle Delights, we have the patterns shown but it's fun to look at them all together!
Lilipoints is a french company with  a fresh look  and original designs with great color and a graphic look. All of their charts have French and English instructions included. I hope to order from them!
Marking Samplar specializes in the reproduction of antique samplers and needlework items.
Myrtle Grace Motifs has original cute punchneedle patterns I haven't seen before.
My Big Toe has a variety of patterns and stitching "tools". We had a trunk show of their tools at the Open House and at the Retreat and I had very little to send back. Her fobs are beautiful and we still have some at the shop if you've missed them.
My Mark has a variety of patterns and blackwork with a contemporary twist. She also has a great bookmark pattern for the Bookmark Challenge.
Barbara Rakosnik of Periwinkle Promises has some beautiful designs that mostly come in kits. Lots of different stitches and fun to stitch.
Reflets de Soie Designs Most of them are reproductions of antique samplers and beautiful - another European company.
Scholehouse for the Needle is dedicated to providing reproduction and original sampler designs, as well as various items patterned after antique needlework tools and accessories, primarily from the 17th to 19th centuries. In addition, we have hand-painted pins – most based on antique needlework motifs.
Stitchin'spiration has something different in blackwork. Her blackwork samplers are filled with original fill patterns, taking the form of gardens, knots, and quilt blocks. Also, you will find cross stitch quilts based upon traditional quilt blocks from years past.
Summer House Stitche Workes is a new counted cross stitch design company from the peaceful countryside of Cazenovia, in central New York. A quote from the designer "The designs take their inspiration from various spheres of interest, ranging from fine art to antiques. While the current designs tend toward samplers, future offerings will broaden the portfolio. As a graphic designer, I love color, motifs and type, so these qualities are reflected in my workes."
Sweetheart Tree Styles are tastefully presented and range from whimsical to traditional to contemporary. One of regular selling designers in the shop.
Threaded Needle Designs are peyote stitch and beadweaving bead patterns and kits. They use delica and seed beads and weave the beads together following a pattern similar to a cross stitch pattern. Once you start, it's hard to put it down! The designs come as kits with complete instuctions, beads, thread and needle.
Threads of Gold distributes a number of designers who specialize in Sampler Reproductions. I can browse this site for hours...
Whispered by the Wind offers a variety of different styles for all levels of stitching abilities and tastes. From samplers, country, patriotic, monochromatics, quilts and cats to gorgeous dancing maidens - they've put their bestsellers on the page. The 'Friendship Quilt' series is really great for those of you who like quilts or like to stitch quilt designs.
That's THE END!!
Here's the link to the show. Let me know if you have any questions or would like to place an order.
Happy browsing.

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