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Friday Update, Bookmark Challenge, Stitch-In, & more

Sent: November 2, 2007

Hi Stitchers -
It's Friday again and time for the usual weekly update. I've posted new photos to the New page and also created a new "Gallery" for New Needlepoint and Counted Canvaswork. I thought it would be easier to have it separate from the crossed stitch.
There are a lot of new Christmas patterns - if you don't want to think about how many days there are until Christmas (it's 53), think about the months you have until Christmas 2008! 14 months to work on treasures for your friends and family - that's more than 400 days. Make sure you are stitching for someone who appreciates your work too - I love to stitch for my mom - she appreciates it and I may have a chance of getting it back someday!
Bookmark Challenge (Needle and THREAD) - Ihope you've taken a bit of time to stitch a bookmark. We will be donating these to the Public Library and they will use them as prizes during Children's Book Week Nov 12-18 at the library. We have some very simple patterns here at the shop that you still have time to stitch. We'd be happy to help you pick something out or make some suggestions. We also have some bookmarks here that have been turned in that you can take a look at. I'd like to be able to donate enough for all the libraries to get some bookmarks so please do bring one in if you can. The last day to bring them in is Saturday, November 10th.
December 1st Stitch-In: Our next "All Night Stitch" isSaturday, December 1st. We will start stitching at 4pm and usually stay until midnight (you can leave earlier if you'd like). We willprovide soup and salad this time. If someone wants to bring dessert, please let me know. This group is always happy to be "taste testers" if you have a new recipe you want to try! Cost is $5.00/person and your payment is your reservation. Last time our spaces sold out so please sign up ASAP. I hated having to tell people that there wasn't any room left.
Come stitch with us Tuesday night! We offer "free stitching" on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month and next week is the first Tuesday of the month. It's a great time to see what others are working on and get away from reality for a couple of hours. You're guaranteed a laugh and a relaxing time. The shop remains open as well.
I hope you have time to pick up a needle this weekend and relax! I plan to finish a Christmas gift - can't say too much because the recipient reads these emails sometimes!

See you soon (I hope!).

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