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Friday Update & More!!

Sent: December 14, 2007

Hi Stitchers -
It's time again for the Friday update - we're only eleven days away from Christmas and I imagine that most of you will be running around this weekend trying to get it all done! If you need a break, come visit with us tomorrow and stitch your stress away! Even though I'm trying not to get more stuff in that we'll have to count, we still manage to have a few new things. This is also a great place to pick up a few Christmas gifts for stitchers (or yourself!) and non-stitchers too - think zippered mesh bags to get organized ORa starter project & a promise to teach someone to stitch. Wouldn't it be great to share your love of stitching with someone else?!
We're planning a few things for the new year that I'm not quite ready to share with all of you yet. Specifically, I'm working on some thread clubs that would allow you to collect some threads at a discount monthly - send me an email if you're interested in a particular thread.
I'm also working on my Needlepoint Ornaments for next year. Once again, this year I will offer the Needlepoint Club members an option to stitch all the ornament designs on one piece of canvas instead of 12 individual ornaments. I haven't got all the details worked out on the piece yet but have posted a photo of the first ornament. This year, all the ornaments will be stitched with Crescent Colours Overdyed Silk Soie Belle and they will all have beads. My first ornament is stitched but not finished yet and will have a beaded tassel - I'll probably offer an option to have the tassel included, if you're interested. See the photo of #1 at
Signups are being taken now.
Under the "Monthlies" gallery, I've added a couple of items for 2008. We're also taking signups for these now.
The first is Lizzie Kate's "Living with Charm". It's her "Double Flip-It Fun in 2008" series. It's called Double Flip because each pattern will have 2 designs and 2 charms. There will be a total of six patterns and they will all be released by June - then she plans another Flip-It series (maybe I'll get a hint in Nashville in February!). This "Living with Charm" series is 12 wise little WORDS to LIVE by! Stitch them separately, STITCH 2 or MORE together, or stitch an entire year's WORTH of WISDOM! Who knew you could buy some wisdom?! These charts can be stitched on one piece of fabric and there's a photo on the website - scroll down to "Lizzie Kate Double..." to see it. Personally, I'm going to stitch them individually and make them into a quilted wallhanging. I'll be shopping for my quilt fabric after Christmas! Maybe you'll be able to see the quilt featured at our Open House next summer! Maybe I shouldn't set such lofty goals?! Seems like a good idea right now. Really, I think these will be quick and easy to stitch!
Also posted under the Monthlies (scroll down to "Stitch Every Day") is the Tea Pot Series from Just Another Button company - Tonia thinks these would be a darling quilt too! Each month, you'll receive a chart from Just Another Button Company, linen from Weeks Dye Works, and Weeks Dye Works and Gentle Art Sampler Threads. All for around $20 - 22 per month. Sign up for the whole year and we'll give you the December kit free. If you don't want them all, just let us know which ones you'll want and you may have to wait a little longer if you're not signed up.
Don't forget the Limited Specials - the pages are updated and the sold items have been removed.
That's it for today. This weekend, stitch your stress away! If you don't have time to stitch, don't forget to breathe! A few deep breaths are great for stress relief too!


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