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Friday Update

Sent: January 18, 2008

Hi Stitchers!


I have a little more time than last week so this email is somewhat “newsy” – there’s lots to share with you and lots of new things arriving in the shop!

We’re also receiving lots of previews of things “coming soon”. All I can say is that we have so much to choose from – there’s something for everyone! For people like me who have so many “tastes” and “loves”, it’s almost overwhelming!


We have a new design from Lavender & Lace “Isabella’s Garden”. Isabella is very blond so I may have to stitch her for my new niece – she’s so sweet and is a companion to the popular “Emma’s Garden”. Smaller in size that a typical Lavender & Lace, she shouldn’t take too long to stitch! We received autos from Just Nan and Drawn Thread this week. Just in today are new Bead & Button kits and Spring Pin/ornament kits from Mill Hill. I especially like the “Margarita” and “Martini” kits! The website is updated in several places – see it all and more at “New in the shop” at




Coming soon are two series of Threadpacks from Crescent Colours. First is Little House Needlework’s “Saltbox Seasons Scriptures”. There are a total of four kits that include five skeins of overdyed floss and the Little House pattern. They can be stitched individually or as one piece. Kits are $12.00 ea and will come one per month starting mid February. Sign up now!


Country Cottage Needleworks introduces “Sweet Treet Thread Packs”. Each threadpack contains a chart from CCN, threads from Crescent Coulours, and buttons from Just Another Button Co.  The first block to be released, Sweet Treats, comes with seven skeins of floss which will be used to complete the border and the rest of the other five blocks as well.  Packs two through six will each contain two skeins of floss and three buttons to use with the threads from the first pack.  The first pattern kit is $23.00 and the rest are $12.00. They will also come one per month and start mid February. The frame is from The Family Tree and we’ll be happy to order it for you. Email me if you need any further info. Sign up NOW!!


We have a few extra kits made up for the Stitch Every Day Monthly Teapot series. You don’t have to sign up to purchase these individually – just order the month you want!


You can see both Threadpack Series, the new Red Thread patterns, and the Teapots under the “Monthlies” at:




For you Carriage House fans, I’ve heard that the next “Hawk Run” pattern will be “The Shores of Hawk Run” – it will be released in February at the Nashville show. There aren’t photos of it anywhere but you can reserve one, sight unseen, with me by Jan 31st. Having stitched the Houses of Hawk Run and currently stitching on the Village of Hawk Run, I can hardly stand the anticipation of waiting to see what the Shores looks like! Chances are good that I’ll love it and “have to stitch it too”!


Also sight unseen is Barnabee’s Bride from Just Nan. She will be making her debut at the Nashville show as a  little jeweled box with special stitching surprises inside. (Barnabee met Bella while on his quest for the sweetest flower.) We will take reservations anytime but the kit will not ship until March. Since she’s a Limited Edition, I’m sure she’ll sell out fast. Price: $59


Watch in the next few weeks for a new Gallery with previews of things I’ll be able to bring back from Nashville – as I get information that can be passed on to you, I will! Of course, some of it is TOP SECRET and you won’t get to see it until I return!!


It’s a great weekend to stitch with cooler or colder or freezing weather, depending on where you are! I’ll be stitching and watching football on Sunday. Go San Diego Chargers!! (You may or may not know that I graduated from college in San Diego and lived there for 12 years!)



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