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Needle Delights Expanding!!!!

Sent: February 6, 2008

Hi Stitchers -
I am excited to announce that Needle Delights is expanding! I signed a lease yesterday on the space next door and we will be adding Custom Framing to our shop.
Liz Noyes will become "Framer Liz"!!! Framer John is coming out of retirement just long enough to train her and show her all his tricks, I mean tips! Many of you know Liz - she comes to our stitching groups at the shop, she's been ina lot of our classes, she's been to all the Retreats, she's the godmother to my babies (cats!), and she's been known to be in the shop stitching on Saturday afternoons. I couldn't have asked for anyone better to join the Needle Delights family/team! I know you will be happy to have her help you with all your framing!
We will be getting the space ready this month, and start taking business sometime in March - I'll let you know when we have exact dates -
So much of my time these last few weeks has been spent negotiating the lease and discussing these exciting details, I've not had the time to do a "Nashville" page. If you peruse the internet and see something you want me to bring back, please let me know. I'll be purchasing a lot of great stuff and will be putting it all out next week when I return. I promise to do a Nashville page then! I'll also be checking emails while I'm gone so go ahead and keep emailing through the weekend!
Don't forget the new Limited Specials - help us make room for the new stuff! http://www.needledelights.com/index.php/photos/32.html
Keep the needles dancing and get out those pieces to be framed!

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