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New in the Shop & Feb Stitch-In

Sent: February 6, 2008

Hi again Stitchers!

We received a huge Lizzie Kate auto today - there are two new Double Flips, a couple of Snippets, a great alphabet pattern, 2 punchneedle patterns, and a Boxer Jr "Sweet Tooth" kit.I posted photos on the new page (scroll down to Lizzie Kate):
I also added photos to the new needlepoint page - there are several handpainted canvases and a couple of things from Laura Perin and From Nancy's Needle:

Blackbird Designs Loose Feathers 2008 - We received "Where My Heart Blooms", the first in the Nature's Mystery. Join the Loose Feathers Club and enjoy a Mystery. You will receive a bonus sampler pattern at the end of the year. From each of the patterns printed this year, Barb & Alma will choose motifs which, when comibined, will make a new sampler. Which ones will be chosen? How will the sampler go together? The mystery will be solved in the final Loose Feather pattern this year. A stitching diagram will be provided to show placement of the motifs. It sounds so much fun, doesn't it?! Let us know if you want to join the Club this year! To see a photo of the first pattern,
I posted a photo of my Hexagon Wreath - it's the piece that I'm designing, stitching and teaching this year along with the Ornaments of the Month. It's all stitched with Belle Soie silk and accented with beads. You can still sign up to do this - class meets on the 2nd Tuesday evening or 3rd Saturday morning each month. People are loving it - including me!
Tonia finished stitching her "Villages" - I was lucky enough to be there at the moment and snapped a photo of the proud stitcher! It's hanging in the shop if you want to see it in person but there's also a photo under "Carriage House..." at
It's time to sign up for the Stitch-In this Month. Saturday, February 23rd from 4-midnight. It's the usual except that we'll be able to spill over into the space next door and not be jammed in the back of the shop like sardines! $5.00 reserves your spot - not sure what we'll serve for dinner yet but it'll be yummy. Suggestions will be considered!
I'm off to Nashville tomorrow - don't forget the shop will be closed this Saturday. Tonia & Kay will be here Thursday and Friday to help you - keep them busy for me please! I promise to bring home tons of goodies for everyone! I'll be checking emails so let me know if you want me to pick anything up for you!
Thanks to all of you who emailed me about the exciting framing announcement this morning. There were too many to answer individually so this will have to do! Keep them coming though - I love to know that the decision ispopular and that Liz will be oh, so BUSY...
Until I return, goodies in tow, keep the needles moving! See you next week!

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