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New from Nashville!

Sent: February 11, 2008

Hi Stitchers -
I'm home from Nashville! I shopped until I dropped and brought home a TON of stuff for you. It's still not even all unpacked. I've got a good start on the patterns though and have posted them on a special page on the website. I'll be adding more but I've got to go home and stitch something new - it is supposed to be my day off! The second link below is the regular "New" page - there's a lot there too if you haven't looked in a week or so.
For those of you in the Ornament/Wreath class, don't forget - it's tomorrow night or this Saturday.
We've decided to serve "Salads" at the Feb 23rd Stitch-In. If you're planning to attend and want to bring one, please let me know so I can keep track and not have 10 Pasta salads! Also, don't forget to reserve your space! I expect this one to be a busy one with all the great new stuff in the shop!
I'll write more this week - if you want to see it all, come to the shop!

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