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Friday Update (More New Stuff Posted!!)

Sent: February 15, 2008

Hi Stitchers!
It's time for the Friday update - I could have sent you one every day this week -I've been scanning and adding stuff to the website every day inbetween helping customers. It's been wild and crazy and oh, such fun. You know, if you've been in the shop this week, that we've been HOPPING! And it's not even time for the Easter Bunny yet... Ok, now you know I'm losing it!
Anyway, here are the links - I may be able to write more later (I started to do this before noon today and now it's almost five!).
Lots more "New from Nashville" - check out the cool Bead Storage Boxes, previews of Just Nan stuff that you need to reserve because they're limited, a new Lily of the Valley needleminder, Love Scissors,and some pretty mother of pearl "gadgets" from Kelmscott, Special kits from SamSarah for their new Pearls patterns (the frames are even included and you know where you can bring them to be put together!, new patterns from Shepherds Bush, and a whole lot more.
New needlepoint and charted needlepoint - I got restocked on great kits for kids to learn needlepoint or cross stitch, great designs from Nancy's Needle and DebBee's Designs -
Don't forget the Stitch-In next Saturday, Feb 23rd. It starts at four and you need to make a reservation.
Pre-registration is happening for the retreat for those of you who came last year. Registration for everyone will start March 1st- I'll get the new form up soon.
Happy Stitching!

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