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Friday Update

Sent: February 22, 2008

Hi Stitchers –


It has been an exciting week at the shop. The expansion to next door is happening!! We have an entry between the shop and the framing area, the “construction” is complete, the framing worktables have been built, and the walls are almost ready to paint.


We’ve moved the class tables to the space next door so we’ll have plenty of room for the Stitch-In tomorrow night. If you want to come but haven’t signed up, let me know – we can probably take a few more.


Believe it or not – MORE new stuff is still arriving! We’ve received some of the things that were SOLD OUT at the Nashville market so you know it’s some great stuff. I’ve posted it on the “New in the Shop” page because I didn’t carry it home! Just scroll down to the designer’s name because the photos are listed in alphabetical order by the designer.




If you’re still reading, here are a few of my impressions and opinions, for what it’s worth!


There are two small patterns from Blackbird Designs that they did just for the Nashville market – I don’t think I can reorder them so get them while you can. Barb designed one and Alma the other. I saw them stitched up and they were darling. By the way, I did start stitching one of my Nashville patterns – it’s from the Blackbird book, Thank You, Sarah Tobias. I’m loving it!


In the excitement of the market and shopping like a crazy person, I forgot to go pick up our order at Hob-Nobb Designs so they had to send it to me. They make the cute “Doodles for leftovers”. We’ve had them in the shop for awhile.  I’ve posted the newest we have but let me know if you’d like to see more of them posted. These are like potato chips or popcorn – one is not enough!


Dinky-Dyes “Purr-fect Bookmark” kit sold out quickly at Nashville and ours came in yesterday. This will be sooooo fast to stitch – I may have to make one up at the Stitch-In tomorrow night! I may have to change the colors to match my kitties though!


Last but not least, from Nashville, the Quaker Turtles pattern from With My Needle showed up. These were the most darling basket of turtles I’ve ever seen! Fun & quick to stitch, they went fast – not slow like most turtles!


I bought a lot of overdyed fabric and just got two big fabric orders in. If you’ve been wanting something new or special or different, check with us – we may have it now. I made a point of buying a lot of “neutral” overdyeds – it’s so much easier when you can see them in person.


Unrelated to market but new in the shop are two more reindeer patterns from Mirabilia – Dancer & Blitzen. Since I haven’t stitched the first two, I’m beginning to think about waiting and stitching them all on one piece of fabric – I think it would be a gorgeous piece.


The Friday Feature at Hoffmans this week is about my friend Patti – she is the designer of SamSarah Designs (think lately of the cute Baubles patterns and the Pearls series!). She is also one of the owners of  Just Another Button Company - they make all those fabulous buttons we use on so many things! She’s one of my favorite people to see at markets – we always have a great laugh or two! Check out her story at



That’s it for this week – hope to see you all soon!



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